Android GTA V iFruit app: release stupidity

By Peter Chubb - Sep 30, 2013

The Android GTA V iFruit app release delay is now starting to wear thin for gamers hoping to make use of the app on their Android devices, and is now looked upon as sheer stupidity. We are not surprised to hear anger has started to set in because they are unable to get the most from the game, as iOS users can.

iFruit is a way to help enhance GTA V because you can take control of your dog, customize your car and so much more, so imagine you are an Android user and unable to use these features, you are bound to feel frustrated as well. They do have a point because they have invested into the game as well, yet they are not getting the full benefit of the game.

Okay, we can fully understand if there are a few issues with the Android version of iFruit, and so need to be resolved, but patience will surely be running thin by now because of the long way. The thing is, Android is easier to develop on so why are there bugs in the app and not on the iOS version?

Rockstar need to show their support for Android users and offer them an added feature just for waiting so long. We have heard from some people saying what about those who do not have a smartphone, they are also in the same boat as Android users, although they will never get access to the Grand Theft Auto 5 companion app. We are not too sure what we think of that because all the people we know with the game has a smartphone.

How do you think Rockstar can make it up to Android users having to wait for iFruit? If you are still upset by this delay, and feel the need to take your anger out on GTA V, then why not take advantage of the property glitch.

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  • Jordan

    See, they made us wait WAY longer than they said they would, for the game itself, then, they pull this on us. On top of that, there is a glitch with safehouse garages that has made a couple of my multi-million dollar in-game cars to simply vanish. Without a trace, or monetary retribution. I think Rockstar owes everyone a little something. Its a beautiful game, but a flawed product, and I think they owe us a lot.

  • Kuroodo

    I’ve heard that Apple paid Rockstar to delay the Android release

  • Charles

    Its not the chop part of the app that makes the delay an issue, its the licence plates. The app allows you to make custom licence plates and reserve them, meaning, the longer we are without the app, the less chance we have of getting a plate we want with all the good ones being already reserved by IOS users.

  • Dazz

    It sucks, but it’ll be worth the wait. Frankly I’m just happy they’ve started to sort out the online

  • Phil

    I’m android and i couldn’t care less… i think people will be disappointing when it eventually comes out for android and they realise its crap and not exactly a huge part of the game.

    we never had this life saving app in any other GTA, so rest assured it wont make much difference in this GTA.

    • Vi9

      Actually, when you consider this includes chop

  • Kem

    This happens a lot for apps, It’s all to do with Apple’s contracts with developers. They can’t have exclusivity but they can work a delay into the deal and with iOS devices being so dominant the developers don’t really have a chance. Typical delay is three months, so we may have to wait until December for Android ifruit. Calling it iFruit didn’t help I bet, played straight into Apple’s hands.
    Also because of the inevitable delay the apps are often contracted out to other companies for Android, such as Miniclip, who are rubbish.

    • Damon Ryan

      finally someone else sees the light! did you notice apple had a ‘new’ colorful ios release almost on the same day? this is all about a contractual delay trying to tap into the old unreliable android v ios debate. I hope it doesn’t take 3 months tho…..
      For the article q I think resetting number plates at the start of online would be a good idea anyway.

  • -Matthew ☺ Carr-

    It sucks ass… Rockstar is just playing to the American audience now… forgetting their roots… playing upto the American brands of Microsoft and Apple even though the game plays poorly on the Xbox and iPhones are a joke.

    • mindedone

      You realize that Google is an American company right? That android has a higher market share in the United States than iOS right? Really, what are you saying?