17-inch Haswell MacBook Pro demanded for 2013

By Peter Chubb - Sep 30, 2013

The MacBook Pro is still without its Haswell upgrade, even though the Air and iMac are already making full use of this latest processor from Intel. However, we still have a good feeling of an October release, and so we will need to wait until Apple’s event next month to see if this will happen.

It is hard to know if Apple has done the right thing by holding off the 2013 MacBook Pro refresh this late, although there was a minor update earlier this year? Having said that, the MacBook Pro is certainly in need of the Haswell CPU because it will help to increase performance and battery life.

We have already seen several comments where some people want these improved features, but we are also seeing that a 17-inch Haswell MacBook Pro is demanded for the 2013 refresh. It seems the return of the 17-inch MacBook Pro is needed, with and without Retina.

The 17-inch MacBook Pro is missed by previous owners

The 17-inch MacBook Pro is missed by previous owners

Like the original 17-inch we are hearing that some of you will be happy to keep with the same location of the speakers, which was on either side of the keyboard, although improvements need to be made to make them louder and of a better quality. Having said that, this is not exactly a major concern.

There is also demand for an optical drive on the 17-inch 2013 MacBook Pro because some heavy-duty professional users still have a need for this, but would you agree?

One of the strangest features asked for with the newer model is for different backlight colors, but we cannot see Apple giving their customers that sort of customization.

Would you like to see the 17-inch MacBook Pro return, or even an optical drive?

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  • iggy

    I am a director and editor, often times we need to edit on location in crazy places like on top of mountains and in the middle of a forest. I use my 17′ MacBook Pro all the time in these scenarios, although it’s still powerful most of the time sometimes it does slow down. An upgrade 17′ would be a huge benefit and my company would definitely be purchasing many of them, please bring them back.

  • sepan

    I own a Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch, 2.8 GHz from 2009 and it’s still a beautiful and powerful machine to work on, especially after upgrading it to 8GB of RAM and a large SSD hard drive. I would really appreciate if Apple would release a new MacBook Pro with 17 inch display (anti-glare of course – I need it for software development and music creation, and my code/music doesn’t get “shinier” with a glossy display).

  • squared

    I am a designer and I need a powerful 17″ MacBook Pro PLEASE!! I love my 17″ MBP, and want to be able to upgrade! Important to me is the MATT screen for photography and artwork.

    • Alex Chua

      I use a 15″ Sandy Bridge MBP and have come to love the matte screen and hate the glossy one. I’m a photographer and the matte screen on mine provides much more natural color reproduction than the glossy. The glossy one looks oversaturated.

  • zenoen

    screw battery life give me a powerful pro machine thats what the pro line is for if i cared about battery life i would buy a macbook air

  • Jerome Olivier

    Fingers crossed Apple does an about face and releases the 17″ MBP again. It is, by far, my favorite model.

    • Alex Lee

      Me too Jerome, hopefully they release the standard 17 inch MBP if not the retina with the improvements.

  • Mad UK

    a 17inch is not needed. A laptop is a portable device. For the pro, 15 is good for on the go; just hook up to a 27 or 30 inch when you get to your workstation.
    17’s will take a way from the practicallity of battery life and portability.

    • Alex Lee

      Except with Haswell processors battery life will increase along with performance, and to compare this to 17-inch PCs, this is probably the lightest of those thanks to the thin aluminum design. just saying

    • you

      Some people travel for work like lets say a photographer or a videographer or digital tech or whomever….. These people need the screen real estate but may not want to travel with a imac or with an extra monitor.

      Maybe You don’t need a 17″ laptop but there are millions of creative that would love an updated 17″ macbook pro. And personally I could care less about battery life. Just think every magazine, catalog, in store promos, billboards, & every commercial youtube show, & so on & so on……. all these shoot’s have someone on them that would want or need a high end 17″ laptop. Don’t be a retard/ass just because you don’t see a need for one doesn’t mean there is no need for one.

    • Sebastian Ogden

      Please rephrase that! You do not need a 17″ screen. Please do not speak for professionals like myself who like the real estate afforded by a 17″ screen. At work, I actually connect up to a Thunderbolt at work, but rely on my MacBook Pro’s screen at home.

    • OzArchitect

      Mad UK, the 17inch is the essential mobile workstation for creative
      people. It maybe a bit cumbersome and heavy but beats carrying a 24inch
      monitor under your arm with your microtext 15in MBP any day. For 3d
      graphics and rendering, I need all the power I can get. If you’re just
      using it for Word and Powerpoint, you are really not in this conversation.

  • Matt

    If they came out with a new 17″, I’d buy it on the spot. Mine is going on 3 years old. Time to upgrade, and I LOVE my 17″. Best machine ever.

    • Alex Lee

      I agree, and to compare that with 17 inch PC laptops the 17″ MacBook Pro is probably the lightest powerhouse thanks to the aluminum design and a thin form-factor like the rest of MBP’s. The 17″ MBP weight would prolly be not as noticable compared to the 15 inch.

  • Jason Winchester

    I went with a company other than apple precisely because they stopped making the 17 inch macbook pro. I use my laptop as a desktop, and want an integrated ecosystem when it comes to phone, pc, and tablet. Apple stopped making it, so I went with WP instead. If they went back and made it again, I might consider it in the future, but not for a few years at best.

  • Poiema

    Didn’t upgrade my 17″ MBP when the new MBP’s came out precisely because there was not a 17″. Would gladly buy one for my web design company if they were to come out with a 17″ MBP. 15″ is simply too little screen real estate, period.

    • LOUIS

      same here,specially for a years user of an old 17′ MBP,it’s almost mission impossible to change back to anything smaller than that

  • Dave Palermo

    Hey Apple,
    17 inch MacBook Pro, Retina Display, 1tb ssd, Haswell, 32 gb ram and a damn number pad off to the right like any other 17 inch notebook.
    God forbid you listen to your customers.

    • Raul Acevedo

      Yes!!! I’m fine without the number pad or optical drive, 16GB RAM is ok but 32GB option would be great. I would upgrade my 17″ MBP for a 17″ Retina display, 1TB SSD model in a heartbeat.

      • Alex Lee

        I’m fine without the number pad, but I will still need the optical drive for using CD’s since I have a lot of them. I do love the technical/performance specs that you mentioned.

    • LOUIS

      if 1TB is handy,i believe 2TG is almost there too

  • Alex Lee

    Both versions of the 17 inch with and without optical drive so we can differentiate the versions easier

  • Nick

    Bring back the 17inch but not the optical drive make it weigh too much

    • Alex Lee

      One version of it should have an optical drive so people will tell the difference between retina and non retina

      • RIck

        You need to be a guy who needs people to know he “has a retina” lol at you, Alex.

        • Alex Lee

          My bad then cuz I didn’t know that u actually had a retina display MacBook Pro.

  • 17″

    love to see again the macbook pro 17″ and the optical drive

    • Alex Lee

      I’m with you on that 🙂

      • john

        I want the MBP 17” so badly, if it comes out ill buy it

        • Alex Lee

          Me too, if not this year, then next year since my AppleCare warranty will have ended and I’d prolly trade in my 15 inch MBP.