Resolving iOS 7 Wi-Fi hotspot and sickness iPad issues

By Peter Chubb - Sep 29, 2013

iOS 7 has been going down very well with users, and even though there are a few teething problems, they are nothing like we experienced with iOS 6. Some of these problems were to be expected considering this was such a massive design change, although we are a little worried about some of them.

We have already noticed two iOS 7 iPad issues, and that is with the Wi-Fi, and another that is causing motion sickness, although this is not a widespread problem. However, those with the iPhone are also experiencing these same problems, as well as dropped calls, keys being pressed with an ear and the iPhone 4 running much slower than it did with iOS 6.

Since people have upgraded their iPad to iOS 7, some of them have been experiencing Wi-Fi Hotspot issues, but fear not because there are two ways to help resolve this, although we need to remind you that this might not work for all.

You need to first remove your Wi-Fi setting, such as DNS and password, which is done by reseting your network settings. If this does not work then you could try changing your APN settings. Failing that, you could try a hard reset, and if this does not work then you will need to wait for Apple to release a fix.

Resolving iOS 7 Wi-Fi hotspot and sickness issues on iPad

A more worrying iOS 7 problem is how some people have been suffering from motion sickness, which is said to be down to the design of the mobile OS. We are more worried with this on the iPad because it is a bigger area to look at, although the thought of someone getting motion sickness while walking and texting on their iPhone does pose a safety risk.

What causes this is the new parallax effect in iOS 7, so if you are suffering from motion sickness there are two things you can do. Firstly, you can just go to Accessibility in General Setting and select Reduce Motion. Also go to Wallpapers and brightness and turn of Dynamic.

Have you had any of these problems, or any others we have not heard about?

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  • Richardson Mokuyo

    save it for the real men……….. the androids

  • Kevin

    My daughter updated her iPhone 4 and it runs very slow, it glitches and most apps crash and close, my iPhone 5 works fine with just the odd app closing, I’m sure a major update will correct.

  • T_T ☺

    I am glad you’re pointing out these “teething” issues. I also have heard that performance can be laggy with the iPhone 5 as well depending on how many apps you have installed. This is was not the case with any version of iOS 6. So it stands to reason that it must be iOS related. What I should also mention is that I had someone show me their iPhone 4 which was also updated to iOS 7. From what I seen (in the demonstration) it did not have any performance issues. However, that means very little I think because that person had almost no extra Apple apps installed.

    As for me, I doubt I will upgrade my iPhone 5 to ioS 7. It runs just fine with iOS 6.1.4. The added features, including security is not enough for me to get so frustrated that I might want to throw my iPhone against the wall and go out and buy another device (Nexus 5) which I have briefly considered.