PS4 Vs Xbox One launch will favor Sony says analyst

By Alan Ng - Sep 29, 2013

With the PS4 and Xbox One pre-order stock reaching its limits, it’s fair to say that both next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft are going to sell very well at launch indeed. How well though remains to be seen, although one analyst has already chimed in with his thoughts as we await the magical month of November.

Unsurprisingly, that analyst is Michael Pachter. The infamous analyst has spoken once again in the latest episode of Game Trailer’s Pach Attack, revealing his thoughts on how he thinks Sony and Microsoft will fair upon release.

You may be surprised to hear, but he actually predicts that the Sony PS4 will have the sales victory over Microsoft at launch. He mentions the fact that Sony has already confirmed a million pre-order sales, but is confident to state that Sony will go on to ship around 1.5 million units at launch.

Microsoft on the other hand will ship around 1 million Xbox One units at launch, according to Pachter. This obviously gives Sony the advantage, but it will be interesting to see just accurate Pachter is on this occasion – with so many previous predictions coming back to haunt him.

Will Pachter get this one right?

Will Pachter get this one right?

Will Sony really have the upper hand on Microsoft at launch though? Microsoft may have made a fatal error with all of the u-turns that gamers still haven’t forgotten about, but then again the company are trying to make amends with all of the various incentives that we keep seeing – free copies of FIFA 14 as just one example.

Let us know what console you ordered in the end and what your honest predictions are regarding sales following on from launch. Do you think this is one prediction from Pachter that he may actually get spot on?

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  • Admir Karalic

    This Guy is an idiot, last year he said how Rockstars GTA 5 will fail to sell well, if they sell it after the month of May, he said financially the game won’t pay it self, unsuprisingly he was wrong and the game sold for over 800 million even though it was sold in September.