Pokemon X and Y Froakie may turn Psychic with Greninja evolution

By Alan Ng - Sep 30, 2013

While we have already seen official teases of final evolutions for several creatures in Pokemon X and Y, Nintendo and Game Freak are continuing to remain silent on the possible final evolutions for the three starter Pokemon in the game.

We already know that Fennekin, Froakie and Chespin will evolve into Braixen, Frogadier and Quilladin respectively, but now we could have the first details and picture of Froakie’s final transformation for you – a very exciting prospect indeed.

Although strictly not confirmed yet by either Nintendo or Game Freak, Froakie’s final evolution could be a Pokemon named Greninja. Images have turned up online showing the potential final form of the creature, although many Pokemon fans are already suspecting that it may be a fake.

The image you see above is thought to be the menu screen for Greninja, while the purple scarf that is wrapped around Greninja’s body could actually be its tongue. Potential moves for the creature include Aerial Ace, Surf, Waterfall and Extrasensory – a psychic move believe it or not.

This little chap becomes a ninja - really??

This little chap becomes a ninja – really??

Froakie evolving into Greninja with Water, Flying and Psychic attacks, just think about that for a second – it could just turn the creature into one of the most popular Pokemon in the game and edge ahead of the other two starter Pokemon.

With so many faked images though, it’s difficult to tell if this is another elaborate fake or not. Take a look at the image and let us know what you think about Froakie’s possible final evolution into Greninja.

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  • PkmnTrainerRed

    I’m almost positive the images we’ve been seeing are real. ALOT of vids don’t show ACTUAL game-footage as much as I’ve looked, and it IS true GameFreak didn’t confirm this as being there final forms. If you’ve really been into this you should have learned about this Pokemon-Amie which let’s you pet, feed, and play with your Pokemon. That image for a Pokemon was seen in a leaked vid on Youtube, so I’m betting at least the Gerninja image above is true. That purple scarf looking thing is indeed Gerninja’s tongue. The image above should be proof enough in most Gens by now you would have taught your main water-type Surf and Waterfall to get to the Elite Four. If you also look, the trainer caught a Pokemon in a Master Ball, which in most Gens are found later in-game, which matches with Gerninja’s level being at 66.

    All in all, I think Gerninja could have looked a lot better, I’m mainly against the head, and the tongue for his scarf. But it’s ability to learn Bounce/Extrasensory to counter the Grass-Fighting Chestnaught (if they are the real deals) makes up for that a little. Also at only level 36, Gerninja’s speed is already over 100. I believe it has a ton of hidden potential.

    • PkmnTrainerRed

      If you don’t like the Kalos starters, you don’t need to use them. Remember that the Kanto starters are available EARLY in the game, so they could potentially be your main starter Pokemon.

  • Vayu Purana

    seeing their final forms makes it even harder which one to choose…..dammit lol

  • John Woods

    cant be real, why be at such a high level and not have hydro pump??

    • Vayu Purana

      that’s your logic for it being fake?…….wow

      Hydro Pump kinda sucks being only 70% accuracy missing a lot, while Surf and/or Waterfall are much more reliable and flexible for other tactics, Surf hitting all enemies, and Waterfall for flinching, they’re just more practicable

      • John Woods

        true, I’m thinking from a competitive point of view, and like the other guy said, I dint think they changed the pp of extra sensory to 20, wherever is real or not it doesn’t matter

  • Drew

    Chesnaught is Grass/Fighting, Delphox is Fire/Psychic, and Greninja is Water/Dark.

    • John Woods

      why would they make all the starters double effective against each other? thats stupid

      • PkmnTrainerRed

        It’s to make the game more challenging. And anyway, your starter shouldn’t be dependent on if it can counter your rivals starter, it should be based off what starter in the end will help the most in Gym Battles, Elite Four, and etc. The reason why the Kanto starters are available so early in the game was either in-case the design schemes of the Kalos region starters were poor, or to make up the fact for 2X weakness against one another, and frankly I’m all for it. I’m choosing Gernight, and by picking Charmander I’ll end up having a 2X effective starter against my rival’s Chestnaught. Depending on how you want to play it, the Kanto Pokemon can be your main starters if the Kalos starters don’t suit your fancy.

        • Emmanuel Silvia

          It’s Greninja**not Gernight >_>

        • the pokemanz mastor

          i have all starters

  • Pokemonz fansz

    Reviewers got their early copy so it could be real…

  • Random Dude

    These pictures look fake, not like the real Nintendo artwork.

  • Sky


    • PkmnTrainerRed

      Yeah the scarf thing is it’s tongue.

  • Shiny

    I really hope it’s fake. It doesn’t have much in common with Froakie and its evolution, so…

    • Karwan Kadir

      Real or not, I think this looks quite awesome. Froakie was a bit themed around ninjas, with the way it shoots out the puff balls from it’s cloudy back like they’re ninja stars. So this evolution here fits in quite well really.

  • Bluebeat

    Fake, it looks photoshopped. Pokebeach got super-excited and thought it was a reliable leak.

  • Doctors Tardis

    Extrasensory has a base PP of 30. So…. 20… calling fake.

    • Shiny

      You just made my day. I just hope they haven’t lowered extrasensory’s PPs…

    • sllllllll

      That’s a terrible reason to conclude it’s a fake. Now, i’m not saying it’s real by any means or that you’re wrong, it’s just that Game Freak has changed the PP of moves between generation countless time before. Hopefully you see my point.

  • Drake12

    I honestly think its real and I’m fine with iti zoomed in with it and its made out of pixels unlike most fakes besides as long as aerodactyl gets his mega evo I’m fine with it and I think he’ll still be a fighting just be able to learn diffrent type moves I mean it’s not the first time.

  • pika pika

    What about all three starters being dual fairy type.😁

  • David Buchanan


  • Bastion

    Am I the only one that thinks Froakies final form could be Water/Flying type? Access to both Bounce and Aerial Ace? Not to mention its already been established that Fromies final form will be based of a rouge or ninja. Water/Flyong makes more sense to me than water/fighting for a NINJA.

    • isweatinmypanties

      Ninjas don’t fly; they fight.

      • the pokemanz mastor

        hey… dont judge froakies and also.. its not fake. i have proof. type ninja froakie on google then u will see…THAT U R FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!

        • the pokemanz mastor

          U know why i said dont judge froakies…because i am one!

    • J_Joestar

      well it makes a little more sense than calling it psychic just because it has 1 more of the type at least.

    • orphan

      right, its flying. because you know. frogs definitely don’t bounce. use your brain

    • sllllllll

      Did somebody hit you over the head with a brick?

    • Vayu Purana

      tthe majority of pokemon that learn bounce that aren’t flying types at all and aerial ace is one of the most common flying moves to be learned by non-flying types ever…so your assumptions are extremely naive lol

    • Emmanuel Silvia

      Froakies** Not Fromies, flying** not flyong, and Greninja is water/dark, not water/fighting. Chesnaught is the grass/fighting. >.>