Gathering of Elder Scrolls Online reviews share concerns

By Peter Chubb - Sep 29, 2013

Even though there is no set release date for Elder Scrolls Online yet, this has not stopped a few early reviews, and it is clear this version of the popular franchise will answer the needs to many fans who hate the solitary world of AI generated characters and would much rather interaction from the human element.

However, there is still one major concern shared in these Elder Scrolls Online reviews, which we will get to in a bit. Like all games in this franchise they begin by creating your character, which in many cases can take an hour or so because you want to get it right from the start.

There is certainly many positives to an Online version of this game, such as taking as much time as you like in the introductory part of the gameplay, but we all know the biggest draw is the ability to interact with real-life players, but this does come at a cost, and that is the price.

Both TSA and Trusted Reviews share the same issue, and that is the Elder Scrolls Online price, which is £8.99 per month, although as a way to gain your interest there will be a one-month free trial. However, there is still no getting away from the fact that this game will cost just over £100 per year.

We can see their point because we cannot see those who paid full price for Skyrim when it was first released to then pay double that cost for a years use for an online version of Elder Scrolls.

We have added a couple of videos of Elder Scrolls Online, one of which was an interview from the creative design at Eurogamer, and we can see there have been many advancements made over the past few months.

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  • ikillyoo

    I spoke to Bethesda they haven’t released anything about console game yet and not mentioned anything on pricing they haven’t decided if 1 they will be allowed to charge a premium on a premium service (xbox live) and whether they want to even try

  • Thomas Borrelli

    I always felt that the elderscrolls games were lacking because there was no multi-player ability. Now the difference between that and an MMO is a stretch that hopefully this developer can make. I think if there was any gameworld that would convert well, this is it.

  • LulzfailArticle

    This is a really shitty and outdated article honestly.

  • Cadaverville Mayor

    I think it is just their way to keep the “Whine Alive”….so tired of this.

  • chris

    Genius article. Talking about the subscription 2 months after announcement. Really?!