Fallout 4 on PC vs. PS4 and Xbox One

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 29, 2013

The complete silence for Fallout 4 news hasn’t been welcomed by fans that just want some sort of confirmation, although there are still hopes for a tease at the Spike Video Game Awards on December 3rd. If we do see a video or even Fallout 4 officially announced, then you can expect some clues towards platform support shortly after news breaks.

Fallout: New Vegas released coming up to 3 years ago and supported PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. There is no reason to expect the same not to happen again, although in 2013 we have the PS4 and Xbox One with improved console hardware for the first time in 7 years.

Fallout 4 on PC, PS4 or Xbox One? The PC can always expect to be the best platform in terms of mods, graphics and expandability but not the most supported considering the money made with consoles.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the Fallout 4 release date finally arrives, and would new console hardware make a difference to some PC gamers considering it wasn’t there when New Vegas launched? Share a comment below if you already know what platform you would purchase Fallout 4 on.

We didn’t mention the Nintendo Wii U for a number of reasons, even though some people still feel Wii U is a next-gen system, but in our opinion Fallout 4 will be one of the games to never make its way onto Nintendo’s latest console.

Fallout 4 PS4 or Xbox One exclusive game – we really doubt this will happen, but what if Microsoft dipped into their bank account and purchased Fallout 4 as an exclusive game for their next-generation console? This would be one reason a lot of fans of this franchise might purchase the Xbox One, and we know Microsoft has been happy to throw money at games to get an exclusive or at least timed-exclusive DLC.

If you are planning on getting a PS4 or Xbox One, but found out Fallout 4 would be an exclusive to either machine, would it make you purchase the favored console?

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  • BigEnough2Read

    Bethesda should team up with STEAM of course, & do a Fallout 4 release for the STEAM Box & PC – with work, STEAM can displace PayStation 4 and Xbotched 0ne. PC versions are always better. PS3 & PS4 will continue to suffer memory & crashing issues, XBOX funnels all the profits into Microsoft, not good for game makers. STEAM works on all high end systems already & a Linux powered Steam box with a serious GPU & multicore system would be a welcome change to the substandard poor quality suffered by console owners…

  • Aoyagi

    If it doesn’t come out on PC, Bethesda won’t see my money, simple as that. If they will continue with the popcornification we’ve seen in Fallout 3, I won’t be buying it for full price. (Which basically means I’ll do a day-one purchase only if it’s done by Obsidian).

    • Steve

      Agreed. I won’t purchase Fallout 4 on any platform but the PC.