Predicted GTA V PC requirements for Nov 22 release

By Peter Chubb - Sep 28, 2013

It has been an amazing 10 days for GTA V fans, as they have been playing their hearts out, but only those with a PS3 and Xbox 360. However, we know a PC version is due out, along with a possible next-gen release, but so far we have heard nothing official from Rockstar.

However, we have already seen a possible Grand Theft Auto 5 PC release date, which is November 22, and while we have to take this with a grain of salt, we can’t help get a little excited for PC users. Then again, because this is such a big deal, why would Rockstar not wish to give us the release date, because if true it is only a couple of months away?

Predicted GTA V PC requirements – It is all well and good getting excited about a possible PC release for GTA 5, but PC owners have to consider if their machine is able to cope with the game, and so we thought you might like to know what those requirements could be, which have been made available by GameSeek.

The GTA V PC requirements for Intel is at least Core 2 Duo E4600 2.4GHz and above, along with at least GeForce GT 340 GPU, 2GB of RAM, Windows XP and above, DirectX 10.0 and 32GB of spare storage space.

As for Grand Theft Auto V PC requirements for AMD you will need at least a Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5400 processor, Radeon HD 3800 series and above, 2GB of RAM or higher, and the same other requirements as above.

While it must be horrible as a PC gamer to be waiting for Rockstar to announce the release of GTA V on PC, we do find it strange to hear some of them have been purchasing a console just to be able to play the game. We would like to know if you have done such a thing?

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  • vikram

    can u plz tell me that my envy 15 3017tx will play this game or not?

  • Darkkangel

    PC Gamers Love the power we can put into the Games thats why we buy and wait for PC games

  • Syenite

    jy is fokken poes dom kyk hoe suck ‘n fokken xbox teen ‘n pc poes dom kont

  • Aaron Lefebvre

    My PC destroys this game..

    • Chibi Yokai

      i highly doubt they’re trying to push console sales unless they make millions in commissions. i for one sure as fuwk wouldnt buy a console just for gta5. thats redundant.

  • Kris Randall

    Does anyone know if an Acer Aspire 7739G would be able to run GTA 5 with those specifications? Or know how I could find out?

    • Abysymal

      No. IF it plays it, it will be extremely laggy. If you know what frames per seconds are, then I’d say you’ll get 15 at max. probably more around 8.
      Laptops aren’t meant for gaming… Unless you spend $1200+ on one. And for that price, you could make a mini-desktop with 2x the capability.

      • Kris Randall

        Sad to hear but thanks for the heads up

    • Chibi Yokai

      no. ffs people and your laptops! fx 8 core 13-5 or 7. and a mid to high grade gpu. and whatever else parts you like. you could even spend as much as your laptop was retail and build a desktop that still performs 2x better

  • Kevin

    I’m a console fan, but my mate who is a PC gamer, purchased a ps3 just to play this game lol