Apple TV with 802.11ac to launch soon

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 28, 2013

In the last couple of weeks we have seen Apple silently refresh the iMac with some 2013 enhancements, so this reveals that slight upgrades will normally be ushered in without much hype. The Apple TV will soon launch with 802.11ac specification and this is more of an eventuality than rumor.

We have been hands-on with the new AirPort Extreme router over the last week and love its 802.11ac specs, which allowed our network to reach further at faster speeds. We saw a noticeable difference in some places that received very slow speeds previously thanks to a lot of solid walls and other types of interference.

Most Apple fans will want to upgrade their home and work products with those that support 802.11ac wireless over time. In our connected world it is more important than ever to have the very best network performance, and in some cases where almost everything is Apple branded it seems logical to use an Apple router as well. It is worth noting that the 2013 AirPort Extreme and other products using 802.11ac are backwards compatible with different wireless standards.

This year has seen a number of Apple products release with the 802.11ac spec for better range and speed, so you can expect the launch of a new Apple TV with 802.11ac in the coming weeks. This will most likely appear on the Apple Store without much noise, although there could be a mention during Apple’s October event.

You can see 802.11ac vs. 802.11n/g in the image below, which details the differences in terms of Wi-Fi data rate. There is also the added benefit of a stronger and clearer wireless signal as well as faster data speeds.

You can see here why you would want an Apple TV with 802.11ac

You can see here why you would want an Apple TV with 802.11ac

Are you holding out on an Apple TV purchase until the new model releases with 802.11ac spec? Product Reviews will of course keep its readers up-to-date on any announcements in regard to new products featuring 802.11ac, and this especially includes an update to Apple TV.

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  • Name

    Are they using the technology from Motive Television?

  • tom

    You would have to a barmy to buy an apple router, all ur doing is paying a premium for one of the worst featured routers about. They have a solid connection but are out classed by every other premium router I have seen

    • Girish Thanki

      Not when the router is able to transmit (relay) live television signals around the house

    • Jason

      I totally disagree, I have many routers thorough our building. I have to reset about one a week. I have the same amount of Airport Extremes as a seperate wireless network. I have yet to reset any of them. The most I have to do is update firmware which has been seamless. This goes for all other non Apple products I use. I used to be a anti-apple pro-pc until I started running the IT dept. Night and day, Apple makes my job so much easier.