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Xbox One may have backwards compatibility plan b

While most of you will be picking up your Xbox One consoles in November with the assumption that Xbox 360 backwards compatibility will not be possible, it appears that there may be some light at the end of the tunnel after all.

Some fantastic rumors are emerging this week, suggesting that Microsoft has been secretly testing a feature, to allow the playback of Xbox 360 games running on a PC – using streaming and Microsoft’s new-found cloud technologies.

As most of you know, many gamers were disappointed when Microsoft initially confirmed that the Xbox One wouldn’t feature any sort of backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 software – either via inputting discs or other methods.

The PS4 of course won’t accept PS3 discs, but Sony has already managed a workaround with the Gaikai streaming program. How, information over at TheVerge suggests that Microsoft may have something up their sleeves to perhaps offer a similar service to Gaikai, where Xbox One users will be able to stream Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One, or indeed on the PC via a new Windows games program.

Secrets of the cloud perhaps?
Secrets of the cloud perhaps?

Microsoft has apparently already successfully tested this venture behind closed doors, using Halo 4 streamed to a low-end PC and even a Windows Phone device. If this becomes a feature of the Xbox One in 2014, you won’t need us to tell you how massive this could be next year.

This is come out of nowhere, but we really hope there’s some substance behind the rumors. Let us know your reaction to this, as it could really change the Xbox One in a big way next year. Backwards compatibility on the Xbox One – give us your thoughts.



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