PS4 still waiting for constant 60FPS games library

By Alan Ng - Sep 27, 2013

The Eurogamer Expo is not only the place to preview games months before their release date, but it is also the place for brand new gossip on games via developer sessions. Earlier we showed you some brand new footage from highly anticipated horror title The Evil Within, but now we have some interesting comments to share with you, in relation to frames per second for PS4 launch title Killzone Shadow Fall.

If the upcoming game from Guerilla Games is on your PS4 wishlist, you would have probably heard the strong claims that the game will feature 1080p native visuals running at a solid 60 frames per second. It still remains the magical benchmark for developers to aim at, but unfortunately it looks like this benchmark is still eluding developers both on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Killzone Shadow Fall was the subject of a developer conference at the Eurogamer Expo, with Guerilla Games inviting fans to sit down and see the latest status of the game before the big launch in November.

However, FPS was the inevitable big subject at the conference and Guerilla Games was happy to set the record straight on how Killzone Shadow Fall will perform from a technological point of view. To clarify, Guerilla confirmed that Shadow Fall would be a 1080p native game.

However, the developer also revealed that the game would not run at a constant 60 frames per second – only most of the time. Guerilla also debunked a few myths on how 60FPS constant would make a game better than 60FPS at sporadic moments – adding that in moments where the framerate dropped, players wouldn’t notice it anyway.

How important is constant 60FPS games to you?

How important is constant 60FPS games to you?

While we’re sure that Killzone Shadow Fall is going to look amazing both in single-player 30FPS and multiplayer 60FPS, is it still perhaps worrying that developers cannot hit both 1080p and 60FPS benchmarks across all PS4 games given the new hardware?

Put it this way, would it still be acceptable for 30FPS games to come out on the PS4 at the same time next year?

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  • RoadShow

    If a game runs at about 60fps then we are fine. Even if it drops all the way down to 30 in high action areas, 30fps is great and is the standard for current gen. Now going below 30 fps could be an issue but if you are around 60fps most the time then there shouldn’t be a problem.

    Extreme tech has some great info on basic hardware for both PS4 & X1. The PS4’s extra hardware performance, depending on the game engine gives a 22-33% advantage in frames per second.

    Multi plats will have a better frame rate on PS4 and PS4 exclusives will shine with this added power. Then of course free exclusive content just like PS3 enjoyed on all the best AAA multi plat games (Destiny, Watchdogs & Black Flag).