GTA V Online features and cash packs price levels

By Peter Chubb - Sep 27, 2013

It is obvious that GTA V Online real money has a divided opinion, but this is the future of gaming, and so we have to embrace it. Console game developers have seen the huge success app developers have had with in-app purchases and so they wish to get in on the action, but we have to wonder what has taken them so long?

Activision has a huge online following with their popular Call of Duty franchise, and so would have been able to milk even more money from gamers, and while this might not be popular with a huge percentage of gamers, it is a move Rockstar is willing to take in order to maximize profits, while letting us believe it will give us a better experience.

Rockstar has finally released GTA V Online details for those who will wish to play this part of the new game, and although it sounds rather interesting and should be able to bring a new level of excitement to Grand Theft Auto 5, you will need to be a little patient for the first few weeks because there are sure to be a few issues along the way.

GTA V Online features – There are a huge number of features players will get to enjoy while playing the online portion of GTA 5, such as access to an online forum where you get to talk to other online players. You will be able to join a game with 15 other GTA 5 Online players, which will make the game feel less lonely because you will finally be able to interact with other players rather than AI characters.

You and other players will be able to join mercenaries or just go about the city causing hassle for the residents. Players will be able to create a reputation for themselves based on what paths you choose to go down. We have to remind you that this is for console play only, but it will be interesting to see if GTA V PC players will be able to get in on the action once the game is released on that platform?

Going back to the GTA V online micro-transactions, you can make small denominations to help further your progress in the game, and although these are not mandatory, it can make things very interesting, even if there is a divided opinion.

GTA V Online cash packs price levels are $20 for the Great White Shark Cash Card, this gets you $1.2 million online cash. $10 gets you the Bull Shark Cash Card, which gives you $500,000 to spend online, $5 for the Tiger Shark Cash Card will give you $200,00 and $3 is the minimum denomination for $100,000 to spend in GTA V Online.

We will be interested to see how well this new part of Grand Theft Auto V goes over the next few months.

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  • Wapps

    There is no way I could see them charging $20 for $1.25 million. That is outrageous; these are not confirmed prices. Even if you find these packs stupid, it will probably work out like mass effect 3 where those paying for unlocks paid for all of the multiplayer expansions. I have no problem with it because I will get my dlc for free!

  • Admir Karalic

    20 $ for 1.2 million, you got to be Kidding right ? I’m against the Idea behind paying, even if it’s optional, giving players the ability to Earn money in a different way than competition, is plain stupid, it’s like allowing cheat codes on Multiplayer sessions. Anyways, they should concentrate on making DLC content, I’m willing to PAY 20 $ more for usefull content, stuff I can get for free, but in a faster way, it’s not really my Cup of Tee.

    • PeopleWhoComplainSmh

      Then don’t play it.

      • Admir Karalic

        Short answer of a lame as motherfucker.