2013 Kindle Fire HD vs. Tesco Hudl tablet for specs

By Peter Chubb - Sep 27, 2013

When Amazon was designing the new 2013 Kindle Fire HD we knew they needed to do something different in order to win back a few customers, as many of them had found cheaper Android alternatives. Amazon knows in order to beat the competition they needed to increase their range, which is just what they have done.

There are several new models for 2013, the Kindle Fire HD 2 is now the HDX and for those with a limited budget there is an all-new Kindle Fire HD, and from what we can see Amazon will have their work cut out to compete with another new tablet on the block, and that is the Tesco Hudl tablet for the UK market.

2013 Kindle Fire HD vs. Tesco Hudl – Specs for both these tablets are rather similar, which isn’t a surprise because they both consist of a 7-inch HD display and will be competing in the same budget market.

The all-new Kindle Fire HD will take on the new Tesco tablet

The all-new Kindle Fire HD will take on the new Tesco tablet

The new Kindle Fire HD will have a 1280 x 800 resolution compared to 1440 x 900p for the Tesco tablet. Both will come with a quad-core 1.5GHz CPU. We are uncertain what RAM the new Fire HD will come with, but the Tesco tablet will come with a poor 1GB of RAM, although it will come with a 3-megapixel camera, unlike Amazon’s budget tablet.

You get a choice of 8 or 16GB storage on the Kindle Fire HD compared to just 16GB from Tesco, although both can be expanded.

It is hard to compare prices for both these devices because we have no 2013 Kindle Fire HD UK price or release date as yet. However, we can see Amazon has done away with the original Kindle Fire and not the new HD is their base model.

With this in mind we expect the all-new Fire HD to cost about £89 in the UK, compared to £119 for the Tesco Hudl tablet, which will be released on September 30, 2013. However, we have to remember the former is for an 8GB storage compared to the latter that offers 16GB, although the 2013 16GB Kindle Fire HD should still cost less than £119.

When Amazon does release the new Kindle Fire HD to the UK market how do you think it will compare to Tesco’s new tablet effort?

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  • Ian Paling

    Whoops, last post should have read “using dad’s hudl” not hurl!

  • Ian Paling

    I’m using Dad’s hurl, it has Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, dual band WiFi, front 1.9 mp, rear 3 mp cameras. Cortex A9 4 x 1608 Mhz, Mali 400Mp (clock unknown) & 1Gb RAM. I have played Virtual Tennis Challenge, Fifa 14 & Real Racing 3 with no problems & decent frame rates!

  • SJC

    Good call BB. And let’s remember the Tesco tablet is basically vanilla Android, you’re tied to nothing…. Unlike the kindle.

  • The BB

    bias shows – who’d want 8gb storage? what about NFC / bluetooth / GPS performance / accelerometer / speed when scrolling google maps (assuming you van see them) …i.e. real life usage