Train Simulator 2014 to launch today

News that Train Simulator 2014 is due to launch today the 26th September will be welcomed by many railway enthusiasts as they check out the new technology involved with this 2014 edition of the software. Launching globally from today Train Simulator 2014 has had some worthy enhancements and we have a couple of related videos to show you.

The videos seen below this article come courtesy of the popular YouTube channel, and the first revolves around the gameplay lasting nearly 5 minutes giving us a behind the scenes look at the making of this including brief interviews with the creation team.

Fans of TS2013 will be looking closely to see what other improvements have been made, while others will be more concerned with how much the downloadable content will be going for, and whether there will be many freebies this time around. The second video is only a launch trailer so it is relatively shorter lasting just over two minutes, and some fans will recognize the voice of Sean Bean narrating.

Showcasing the steam, diesel and electric trains this trailer will prompt enthusiasts to share their passion with a vast array of different trains on offer, which is regarded as the ideal place for fans of trains to experience the joy of a train simulator game. Therefore, will you be downloading Train Simulator 2014 today? Check out the videos below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section underneath.



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