Killzone Shadow Fall DLC expansions for a price

Most of you who are planning to pick up Killzone Shadow Fall on the PS4 as your first game may be under the impression that all DLC multiplayer maps for the game will be free. It was an interesting and very generous incentive offered by Guerilla Games many months ago, but now we have confirmation on how the paid DLC elements will affect the game.

If you pick up Killzone Shadow Fall, you’ll be able to receive new ‘competitive’ multiplayer maps post-release for free – as Guerilla’s way of saying thank you for the support. However, we’ve just learned that there will still be a heavy premium DLC program for the game, resulting in a $20 season pass that will be available for purchase when the game is out.

This $20 season pass will get you access to six expansion packs, four of which are online co-op expansions. The remaining two pieces of content are expansion packs for multiplayer, as confirmed by Sony on their PlayStation Blog.

As you can imagine, some gamers are not too happy about this. Number one due to believing that all DLC for the game would be free, and number two given the fact that so much new co-op online content is being held back for DLC.

There’s also disappointment in the air that the season pass program is showing no signs of slowing down as we enter the next-gen era, but then should Guerilla really be blamed for continuing the trend just like other publishers?

Not everyone is happy about the SF season pass.
Not everyone is happy about the SF season pass.

By releasing new multiplayer maps for free, that is already an offer that other developers choose not to do – so perhaps we should remember that aspect in the midst of all of this. Details on the six expansion packs will become clearer soon, but for now give us your reaction to the news.

Are you disappointed with news of the $20 season pass or not?



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