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Boeing airplane maintenance by iPad app

It is amazing what can be achieved with a little help from apps nowadays and news that Boeing is debuting new iOS apps throughout Europe this week is an ideal way to experience airline mechanics quicker than before with rapid access to parts and maintenance details. All this with the use of an iPad, and the aforementioned apps have been in development for over a year in cooperation with various other airlines.

On Tuesday, Boeing announced the release of a selection of new iPad apps which revolve around airplane maintenance, ensuring this will enhance the performance of maintenance crews making it quicker and easier to find out what needs fixing and cut down plane delay times. A full report on this can be seen on Apple Insider as they discuss how apps like this can enhance safety and make work quicker and easier for those using applications.

Debuting at the European aviation conference in London, the apps will also include a toolbox mobile library which will assist the user with everything from maintenance documents and airline content to hyperlinks between multiple manuals and details on the airline’s current situation.

According to Alaska Airlines technicians they estimate using the iPad apps will cut down the amount of paper used by around 4,000 pieces per day. Therefore, what other work load enhancing apps would you like to see in the future?



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