Plants vs. Zombies 2 conspiracy about Android release

It’s been two months since Plants vs. Zombies 2 was released on iOS, and in that time there has been a huge debate as to why Android users have had to wait so long, and it seems there is a theory, although we cannot be certain if it is true or not.

The Plants vs. Zombies 2 conspiracy in regard to the Android release suggests that Apple paid Electronic Arts a huge sum of money in exchange to prolong the release of the game onto Android devices. It has come as no surprise that Apple felt the need to comment, saying that this did not happen.

What they actually said was “no money was exchanged”, which was in response to EA Labels president saying that Apple had given them a huge sum of money to delay the Android release of Plants vs. Zombies 2.

Giant Bomb has since confirmed this through a number of their sources, and so we have to wonder if Apple had done this. If they had then we cannot understand why Apple has not come out to admit it. The thing is, these things happen all the time; you only have to look at Microsoft and the Call of Duty franchise.

At the end of the day, we cannot be surprised by this because it is going on all the time, but we would love to know how much Apple did pay to prolong the Plants vs. Zombies 2 release on Android?

We still don’t have a definitive release date for the Android version of Plants vs. Zombies 2, but most rumors suggest October, which is worrying because that means yet more people will fall foul to the temptation of an APK to download instead.



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