Mercedes S-Class suspension technology ad mystifies

There is no denying that when it comes to the 2014 Mercedes S-Class, the vehicle is packed with some of the best technology around, but how the German car manufacturer explains this to potential customers is a strange one. They have released an ad, but instead of showing you the car and how it incorporates technology to make the car perform better, they show you a metaphor instead.

The latest marketing campaign hopes to make you better understand the Mercedes S-Class suspension technology, but have done so with chickens – yes you read that correctly. However, when you stick with the video, which you can see below, and listen to the music it doesn’t take long before it all makes sense.

Mercedes’s Magic Body Control is clever in the way that it analyzes the road ahead and then prepares the suspension in advance, which should make for a perfect ride with total comfort for the occupants in the car.

Strange 2014 Mercedes S-Class Marketing
Strange 2014 Mercedes S-Class Marketing

We really are amazed at this clever piece of marketing because it shows how a chicken can be picked up and moved from left to right, up and down or all the way around, yet the head stays in one place. This means you need to look at the body of the chicken as the car and the head as the passenger, meaning they will hardly move – well that is the theory.

Although technology has been seen like this before (Bose suspension) and did look pretty impressive, it was not what it seemed because it had just been programed to perform that way on a test track.



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