iOS 7: Disable parallax effect to cure sickness

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 25, 2013

Apple’s iOS 7 launched with so many changes that users will either love or hate the differences, although some of these new features stand out much more than others. We loved the translucent background effect during our beta tests, but this feeling isn’t the same for all iPad and iPhone users and some people even want to know how to disable the iOS 7 parallax effect and translucent background.

Seeing a moving background is pretty evident on most Apple devices and even more so with the iPad thanks to a larger display. Some websites have even started collecting background wallpapers designed to make the parallax effect standout even more.

If you are using iOS 7, would you like to disable the parallax effect? Let us know in the comments if you love the motion effect, or do you get a little sick seeing this moving background behind the icons.

We did set a panoramic photo for the background and this really reveals how much the background can move, although it certainly caused a little motion sickness for us. Have you set a panoramic background in iOS 7, and did you find it too much?

Disable the iOS 7 parallax effect or translucent background – the translucent background can be stopped by heading to the general settings menu, accessibility and then turn “Increase Contrast” on that’s found under Vision. Now you will find the backgrounds behind most menus are solid.


To disable the iOS 7 parallax effect you need to also head over to accessibility, scroll down a little and then switch “Reduce Motion” to on. This will remove the parallax effect. It is worth pointing out there have been a few reports in newspapers about iOS 7’s motion effects leading to vertigo and nausea symptoms, although we cannot confirm these claims.

What features do you love and hate in iOS 7?

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  • Chloe

    Hate it. On day one, before the media reports, I came home and told my kids I felt sick and light headed and I hated my phone update. I told them it made me queezie and sick like on a boat.

    I have done the 2 suggestions above, but when text messages scroll down, the top almost bounces into place….again making me have motion sickness.

    Also how the aps come innnnnnnnn and then go outttttttt

    it looks like I am flying in a space ship and tiny planets are coming toward me. ICKY

    Can apple fix this????


  • Tricia

    I hate it. I get dizzy when the icons zoom in and out.

  • Chase

    Well, I explored a little more, and found the solution. Thanks me.

  • Chase

    I really hate my background moving on my lock screen. I had my background centered and looking nice before, and now I can’t control it’s size and it doesn’t stay readable. Please fix this

  • Mark Able Jones

    The parallax isn’t causing motion sickness; it’s the transition animations that zoom in and out to different parts of the screen. The harsh black on white text doesn’t help anything.