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GTA V iFruit problems still after 2.0 update

If you have been trying to get into the iFruit GTA V companion app, but couldn’t due to login problems, you should be pleased to hear that Rockstar has now released an official patch, bringing the app to version 2.0. However, we’re still hearing feedback from some of you that problems with the app are continuing.

If you haven’t tried out iFruit yet, you really should as it is a free download from the Apple Store and allows you to train up Chop the Dog for usage when playing as Franklin. It also allows complete customization of your precious GTA V cars, from any location – ready for the next time you boot up the game and find the finished custom car straight in your garage.

When iFruit first launched, users were having major problems trying to actually get into the app, as Rockstar’s login authentication was coming under fire – presumably due to the heavy traffic with the app in so much demand.

Now, we have seen that Rockstar has issued the 2.0 update for iFruit. The developer has said that they have ‘fixed connectivity issues’, whilst thanking users for their patience over the errors in the meantime.

Still some issues with iFruit after the new update..
Still some issues with iFruit after the new update..

However, a quick check on Twitter and it seems like there are still some problems with iFruit after the update. Rockstar wouldn’t have released an update if some areas were not improved – so we say keep trying to log in and see if you can get in over the next few hours.

Once you are logged in to the service, you should stay logged in and can resume your custom car activities or training up Chop the Dog. Let us know if you have noticed any new problems with iFruit after installing the 2.0 update.



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