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Pokemon X and Y rumor with ghost-type spider

We have another round of Pokemon X and Y rumors to share with you now and it is potentially very exciting news. We have seen a lot of Pokemon announced for the game recently, but we now hear whispers that Game Freak could be introducing a new ghost-type spider Pokemon in the game.

If you have played every other Pokemon game in the series, you will most probably agree that another spider-based Pokemon would be an exciting addition to the growing X and Y roster. The rumors have surfaced from PokeBeach, who also state that the spider Pokemon would be grey in color with blue spots and a glowing stomach.

We also have a potential name for the creature as well – Apparachnid. Although not confirmed, there may be an evolution in store for this spider Pokemon, but we’ll have to wait and see if the details over at PokeBeach are legit or not.

What’s interesting is the fact that it could be a mixture of ghost and bug type – how would that sound to you in the context of the whole game? We haven’t seen any spider type Pokemon revealed officially, so we would definitely love to see Nintendo give the good news soon.

Would you like to see a new spider ghost type in X and Y?
Would you like to see a new spider ghost type in X and Y?

With just two weeks to go until the long awaited launch of Pokemon X and Y, you can understand why we are starting to see so many leaks pour out before the game’s release. Let us know your initial thoughts on the spider rumors and what type of Pokemon you want to see announced.



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