Samsung Galaxy S5 concept like iPhone 6

By Peter Chubb - Sep 23, 2013

Even though the Galaxy S4 is just 5 months old there is a great deal of excitement of the prospect of is successor and as such has generated a great deal of interest when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S5 concept appearing on the Internet. It is clear to see these have been sticking with the radical design theme, although we know these are always nothing like what will make it to production.

The latest Samsung Galaxy S5 concept looks a lot like iPhone 6 concept images we have for you below, although this is not surprising considering rumors of a curved design. Okay, we know it is too early to even contemplate what the iPhone 6 will be like, but these concepts were done several months ago on the assumption this would be the model released this year – although we knew with almost certainty this would not be the case.

Going back to the Galaxy S5, this is going to be a hot topic once CES 2014 comes to town because some of the technology for mobile devices on show could give us an insight into what Samsung could bring to their next flagship smartphone. However, we do not think it will look anything like the image you see above and below because it is too radical.

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept with wraparound display

Samsung Galaxy S5 concept with wraparound display

We know Samsung has already said they will go radical with their next design, but these images thanks to GalaxyS5Info are a little too radical. However, we can understand why they went for this design in the concept because it is sticking with the flexible display, which we assumed would be seen on a phone this year, but issues with production put an end to this.

iPhone 6 concept like Galaxy S5

iPhone 6 concept like Galaxy S5

Some of the proposed Galaxy S5 specs have been based on this flexible display, such as no physical buttons because the touchscreen wraps around the edges, which forms part of the 5.3-inch OLED YOUM display. Gone is the plastic and in its place is an Aluminium Unibody, which would also be waterproof.

Another iPhone 6 concept

Another iPhone 6 concept

More specs and details can be found from the source above, although there is no mention of two possible software versions, one Android and the other TouchWiz, which we discussed in detail last week.

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  • wil

    uh that’s basically the htc one down to the front camera location and notification lights. only thing missing are the holes for the grill. how is this like an iphone again?

  • john

    That’s retarded.

    Where would you hold the phone without activating the touch screen, especially with the volume controls on the side.