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Samsung Android app for TV, PC and washing machines

When apps first started to appear on our smartphones they only gave us limited possibilities because they were only designed to help make a smartphone more than the sum of its parts. However, it did not take long for consumer electronics makers to see the potential of apps, and so we started to see them appear on more devices.

It is no surprise Samsung seems to have embraced this more than most and their Samsung Android app to help take control over your TV, PC, washing machine and air conditioner is proof of this. If you currently use this app for one of those devices then you will be pleased to know it received an update earlier this month and with it several new features.

Smart Home Control v1.6.5 allows you to do far more than you could with the previous version, as well a resolving a few bug issues.

Some of those main features include the ability to work four devices, so all of the above if you have them, use your phone as a mouse for your PC, remote for your TV and Samsung Air Conditioners, and so much more.

A list of Smart Home Control supported devices can be found on Google Play Store.

Reviews for this app are mixed, with some saying it is a great way to take control over your Samsung products, to others saying after they installed the new version it stopped working.

We’d have to agree because having tried the iOS version at times it had trouble connecting to our Samsung TV, when it does connect it is a fantastic app, but being hit and miss is not something we would recommend.



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