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Metal Gear Solid V gameplay on PS4 hardware

Most of you may have witnessed a new gameplay presentation of Metal Gear Solid V during the Tokyo Game Show on current-gen hardware. However, things are getting a lot more exciting as we have what looks to be the first evidence of MGS5 gameplay running directly on PS4 hardware.

Just to remind you, the game is also confirmed for a PS4 release sometime in 2014 alongside an Xbox One version of the game as well. Previously we have only seen the game running on a PC but now Hideo Kojima has managed to conjure up a new demo of the game directly on PS4 hardware.

As shown live at Tokyo Game Show, the gameplay features footage taken from a specific level of the game and even better – it shows the action during a daylight setting, rather than night time as we have seen in most of the ‘infiltration’ gameplay trailers.

We think you’ll love what you see as well, as Metal Gear Solid V is looking very smooth indeed on the PS4 hardware, especially in day light conditions which portrays the game in an entirely different light. You’ll have to put up with some Japanese commentary during the video, and don’t forget that this has been recorded from the live stream at Tokyo Game Show – in case you were wondering about the quality.

MGS5 is looking amazing on the PS4.
MGS5 is looking amazing on the PS4.

It’s nice to see Kojima and the team offering the public a chance to see how the game is running on PS4 so early – not many other developers would be so generous. Take a look at the footage and let us know what you think about it.

Will you be picking up the PS4 version as a preference over any other platform?



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