iOS 7 update issues hit iPad

By Peter Chubb - Sep 23, 2013

Last Wednesday was a huge day for iOS users, as it was the first time for most of them to experience iOS 7. It was obvious there were going to be download problems because of servers being overwhelmed, but there were also iOS 7 install issues even after downloading. However, once installed it seems as though iPad owners who upgraded to the new software have been hit hard because there have been a number of issues for them.

iOS 7 update issues hit iPad – Whenever there is a new upgrade a huge percentage of iOS users seem to give it a while and would rather wait it out until the first patch appears because of there always being problems, and looking on the Apple Support Communities shows the iPad has been hit hard.

While this does not surprise us, we have to wonder why Apple never learns from the months of beta versions because some of these issues had been pointed out by devs during the development process.

iOS 7 update issues on iPad range

iOS 7 update issues on iPad range

There are several iPad problems with iOS 7, but not the original model because this is not supported. Owners of the newer iPads have been looking on Apple Support Communities for an answer, such as several people saying their iPad 4 has slowed down since upgrading to iOS 7. Most times a reset will resolve the issue, but if not resting all settings and then installing the new OS and your back-up should be able to fix this.

We also see there are some iPad Wi-Fi issues with iOS 7, although turning your router off for a minute should be able to eradicate this issue. Another is that the camera just shows a blank screen, even after performing a reset. This is a strange one and as yet there is no word from Apple if this is a major issue, although with the lack of users coming forward we believe this to be an isolated issue.

Other iOS 7 update issues on the iPad include missing App Store, slow charging, iMessage and Facetime not working, battery drain and cellular service not working. Again, we need to remind you that in many cases such issues will arise, and so here are a few instruction that should help resolve them. If not then we guess you will have to wait for the release of the first iOS 7 update, although there has already been one, but this was just for the iPhone 5S and 5C.

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  • Joy

    You need to call Apple Care for the fixes. I don’t subscribe but the tech helped me for free. The apps are all running all the time and draining the battery. You need to learn how to turn off the apps. Clearly Apple knows what the problems are and seem willing to help.

  • Yonce

    After installing IOS 7 my Ipad had no sound, I cannot hear my music, or Pandora. I checked the settings but there is nothing there that can help me (I switched between the mute button and rotate) no luck with that either. Have any of you had similar problems and what did you do to correct it?

  • Debbie

    Anyway to go back to iOS 6 now? This update is terrible! Everything has slowed down, battery life gone, and now it is ugly too! It’s unresponsive to many commands including typing. I want iOS 6 back!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Gleeson

    My iPad was on charge all night, it is only at 56%, looks like it us going to be a long day! dancing from power point to power point.

  • Emily

    Yep, after installing the update my iPad is now charging slows and the battery drains a lot faster than before. I also noticed when I turn the iPad off when it’s charging there is no icon to show that it’s charging as there was before. All of these are really annoying. I’m going to try to reinstall.

  • Maggie Winter

    Thanks a lot, I download it this morning but resisted installing, glad I didn’t now. I’ve the iPad 2 on I haven’t read many positive yet, shame! Hope this gets sorted love my iPad don’t want to ruin it.