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iOS 7 car integration problems solved by setting

Whenever a new version of iOS is released there is a huge amount of excitement and as such some of us often forget there could be issues when connected to third-party devices. We have already seen some issues with iOS 7, but most of these are easy to resolve, but when it comes to problems with third-party devices we have to often wait for these other companies to release a firmware update making it compatible once again.

iOS 7 car integration problems – While looking on Apple Support Communities we have seen one users having an issue with their iPhone 4 not being able to connect to their car radio following an update to iOS 7.

The car stereo in question is from Kenwood and thankfully it is not as big of an issue as it could have been, this is because the iOS 7 car integration problem can be solved by a setting, the same we have seen to help resolve so many other iOS 7 problems.

All you need to do is do a hard reset of your iPhone 4 and once the phone turns back on you should be able to connect to the stereo, no matter what make it is.

Okay, so we know this is nothing new, but it is amazing how many people do not try this simple fix, which is usually the first thing Apple Support will ask you to perform.



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