Haswell MacBook Pro importance over 2013 iMac

By Peter Chubb - Sep 23, 2013

Apple’s new Haswell MacBook Pro is an important update in 2013 and much more crucial than updates likely to land with the 2013 iMac refresh. The focus on increased MacBook Pro battery life and other enhancements from Haswell outshine anything Apple might add to a new iMac.

The 2013 iMac refresh is not as important as it was last year because this had the radical design change we had been waiting for, along with a few hardware upgrades as well, such as improved performance and better storage options. However, this year will only offer a minor refresh, and so the 2013 iMac update specs will come with Haswell and maybe an improvement to graphics, but apart from that nothing new.

It is for this reason why there is far more emphasis on the 2013 MacBook Pro because it will come with the much-needed Haswell chip and several other upgrades. We already said the new processor would offer increased battery life, something the iMac would not benefit from because it has no need to. However, there will also be performance enhancements, but what else?

2013 iMac to remain the same, which isn't a suprise

2013 iMac to remain the same, which isn’t a suprise

We ask this because little is known about the upcoming MacBook Pro 2013 refresh apart from the new chip. However, there are other features we would like to see like improved security because fingerprint would be a killer feature for the 2013 iMac.

Windows laptops have used technology like this before, but it was not as reliable as we assumed it would be and so Apple could show how it is done. We are not sure how Apple would implement this because they could incorporate this into the touchpad, although they could go down the iPhone route and offer a home button, although this could look odd in terms of design.

Do you believe the Haswell MacBook Pro will be a more important update than the 2013 iMac, and if so what changes would you like to see?

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  • Gate Satoru

    17 inch MacBook Pro, please. I prefer that over the 15 inch any day

    • Alex

      Im with you on that I prefer that also now.

  • Alex

    Of course, the Haswell MBP will be an important update, but DO leave the superdrive in the MBP since the MBP with retina display already does not had a cd drive and as removing superdrive from non-retina MBPs will make it hard to differentiate from Retina MBPs. Also, add a 17-inch display option to the MBPs in general, offer standard dual disk storage(while still leaving the superdrive in it’s respective place), and make dual disk storage an option for the 15-inch display. Also, make the speakers on the 17-inch display version louder to differentiate from the 15-inch as the 17 inch’s speakers are large and that would make sense.