GTA V strip club location meets controversy

Over the years Rockstar and their GTA franchise has come under fire from concerned parents and certain people who just like to believe they know best and wish to dictate what is right and wrong. It is now the turn of GTA V and the latest issue is to do with the strip club, which we discussed last week.

There have been several articles on the Internet that seems to take the GTA V strip club location far more seriously than they need to, but what are your thoughts on this latest controversy? Rockstar is also under fire for a graphic torture scene, which the Guardian has been talking about.

The way in which some of these articles describe the strip club are amazing because they would have you believe this sort of behavior is morally wrong, even if it is just a game. Okay, we do not wish to get caught up in a debate, but people are taking this video game too seriously, with a comment on IBT saying that the people who see this as more than just a game needs help and not the people having some fun in GTA V.

When we say some of the articles gets worse, trust us they do. They go into how people have delusions about sexual harassment because you are encouraged to touch a stripper to try and excite her, while making certain the bouncers do not see you do it. The article on IBT states this is just how perverts act; we just cannot believe what we are reading.

Like we said above and so many times before this is just a game and with GTA V it allows you to experience a bit of reality without relationships. Speaking of those strip clubs, talk show host Conan O’Brien was unable to touch the strippers in GTA V without getting caught and as such was thrown out of the strip club. What made us laugh about this was how he got a chopper and destroyed the establishment with a missile, wonder what these do-gooders would say about that – oh know he is not only a pervert, but homicidal as well?

Seriously though, some people need to grow up and have a more mature outlook on this sort of thing because it is only a game.



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