Pokemon X and Y ultimatum with rare fossils

By Alan Ng - Sep 22, 2013

We have some more exciting Pokemon X and Y news for you now, with the confirmation of two new Pokemon that can only be obtained by restoring a fossil. However, we have heard that players will have to make the choice between the two, as you’ll only be able to restore one of these fossils in the game.

With so many new Pokemon already confirmed for the game, the reveal of two new fossil Pokemon is definitely a pleasant surprise. We can tell you that the two fossil Pokemon are Tyrunt, a rock/dragon type Pokemon, and also Amaura, which is a rock/ice type of creature.

Pictures of both Pokemon have now been released by Game Freak and are available for viewing on the official Pokemon website here. Tyrunt requires the jaw fossil and can evolve into Tyrantrum, while the more peaceful looking Amaura requires the sail fossil and can evolve into Aurorus.

Tyrantrum is obviously a dinosaur and looks rather aggressive and a perfect addition for those looking for a ‘badass’ member on the Pokemon roster. Aurorus on the other hand almost belongs in the same category as Xerneas, and comes with the new ability Refrigerate which can convert normal moves into ice type moves.

Amaura evolving into Aurorus

Amaura evolving into Aurorus

Which Pokemon are you going to choose, since you only have the option of one? There’s no details on how to obtain the two fossils yet, but we have a feeling that you’ll have to do a good bit of searching first. Take a look at both Pokemon and let us know which one takes your fancy.

Tyrunt or Amaura for you?

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  • pokefreak

    Tyrunt hands down. A rock and ice typing is horrible. It has 4× weakness against ground, fighting and steel 2× against water. One close combat /earthquake /iron head will take the pokemon out.

    • bitchplz

      Ground isn’t super effective against ice you dipshit