iPhone 5, 4S false battery life blame

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 22, 2013

It amazes us how many blogs and news outlets are falsely reporting that iOS 7 delivers bad iPhone 5 and 4S battery life to all. The fact is that the problems reported by users are only due to the install process in most cases, and if the initial setup goes smoothly then you will experience battery life on iPad and iPhone as normal.

The iOS 7 battery drain being experienced by some users can be fixed simply by performing a clean install. If you see blogs or mainstream media reporting iOS 7 has bad battery life on iPad and iPhone, then just ignore these reports and fix the problem with a clean install. This solution won’t work if your battery has failed at a hardware level, but if all worked fine before the iOS 7 update you can almost certainly count on the problems being software related.

Seeing articles stating iPhone 5 battery life is made significantly worse by iOS 7 shocks us when reported in such a one-sided way, and in most cases will be explained by people that don’t even own an iPhone or misunderstand the real problems behind battery drain plaguing users.

We performed a number of tests on both iOS 7 betas and the public build after meeting battery life issues, and all were fixed by a clean install after backing everything up.

Apple needs to stop the reoccurring issue – this problem of installing a new iOS update and then finding your battery life draining faster than ever isn’t new, and we experienced it on iOS 6 with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. The same fix that solved that issue can be used again with iOS 7 on iPhone 5 and 4S again.

It is not clear why some updates install with the battery draining at a faster rate, but it happens and Apple’s discussion forums are filled with users highlighting this problem.

“Today I charged by iPhone 5 battery fully and only after 5 hours it had lost 80 percent of battery power. My usage was light, and I even turned off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that resulted in 5 percent lost every 20 minutes still while in my pocket on standby”, said one commenter. Another forum user added, “I have just picked up an iPhone 5S and the battery life is a joke, it drains completely within a few hours with light use”. This will amaze some people considering iOS 7 is already installed when you purchase the handset.

You can read one simple solution to fixing bad battery life on iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 and 4S in an earlier article. If you still have problems after performing this fix, then feel free to leave a comment.

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  • Alext745

    My brand new 5s has terrible battery life compared to my 2 year old iphone 4. Apple greatly mis stated battery life. 10hr LTE browsing= lies, 8hr talk time= lies… Best I have seen is around 6hrs usage even with wifi, Bluetooth, automatic updated and background refresh off

  • James

    Not true!!!! Did clean install and my 4s is draining battery so fast iT is useless!!

    • I did this on two iPhone 4S models and one iPhone 5. All had battery life draining really fast overnight with little use at one point, now they are all fine. It is 100% about the install process in some way.