iOS 7 AirDrop to Mac desired with Mavericks

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 22, 2013

If you have a supported iPhone or iPad, then you can benefit from iOS 7 AirDrop but not to Mac at this time. The new feature is great to send videos, pictures, links and other files between devices but being able to use iOS 7 AirDrop to Mac and vice versa would be even better.

We have had a couple of emails from Product Reviews readers asking about this feature after spending hours trying to get it to work. One email stated, “I have spent the last 2 hours trying to get iOS 7 AirDrop to work with my MacBook Air or iMac, and the computers just won’t see my iPad mini or iPhone with iOS 7. It looks like they are not compatible”.

It is true that you cannot use iOS 7 AirDrop to send anything to Mac, and the same can be said for trying to send files the other way as well. Apple obviously didn’t make this fact clear enough, which is evident when you visit related forums revealing a large number of posts asking if it is possible to AirDrop files between an iPhone or iPad with a Mac.

One commenter said, “Is it possible to use iOS 7 AirDrop to send to Mac?” The simple answer is “not yet”, although there is growing demand to see this ability added to OS X Mavericks. This might be conjecture, but it’s hoped that if enough people shout for the feature Apple will notice a need for Mac and iOS 7 AirDrop compatibility.


Would you like to see OS X 10.9 Mavericks launch with better AirDrop support between Mac and iOS 7? This would make life a lot easier for simple tasks between your mobile devices and desktop, so we also hope the ability is seen as a necessity by Apple. Leave a comment with your desire for this feature and any others in the upcoming Mac update.

If you want to see how to share files with iOS 7 AirDrop, then take a look at our earlier article that features a number of videos performing a hands-on with this feature on both an iPhone and iPad.

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  • Brendan

    I think one of the major reasons for the confusion is that there IS an AirDrop feature in OSX. So why wouldn’t people think that they’d be compatible?

    The fact that people at Apple didn’t think this would either be a feature people would want, or that having the same feature in both OS’s might cause confusion about the compatibility is kind of surprising. I hope they are working to make it compatible, because that would be a HUGE advantage in cross-platform integration the iOS environment would have over most other mobile devices.

  • mow

    I think it would be nice for Airdrop work with mac osx. I’ve been using “flick” for a few months and i think its pretty cool.

  • Bryan Lamb

    Dumb. Almost useless. The primary need for for Airdrop is to transfer files directly to a computer not another iOS device. This is WAY behind android.

    • Jim Mc

      Another Apple hater who truly has no clue. Just hate to be hatin’. The primary purpose of Airdrop is to quickly share pictures and documents with other Apple iOS devices. At this time, there is no inherent feature in Mac OSX to do so, but expect there will be with the release of 10.9 “Mavericks”. At this time there is no inherent feature to connect wirelessly to Android devices either in Windows or ChromeOS but you can be certain that once it’s implemented on an Apple device, others will soon follow as they usually do. Problem there is I imagine it’s not going to work too well. Especially in Windows where typically things don’t work too well in the first place.

      • Damekko

        I’m not an apple fan boy neither windows lover, but AirDrop should be also to transfer files between osx and ios, why would the priority be in transferring photos to another ios device which are also space limited, so i can transfer it to a friend maybe, dont we have facebook or so?… BTW Mavericks is released, already installed it and zero, nada, airdrop between osx and ios not possible… i wish connecting the iphone to my mac would let me browse it like it does with windows, why do i have to go thru iPhoto each time… sucks…

  • funkyartist

    I just iMessage myself and open Messages on my iMac 🙂 Until Airdrop is available on the mac, this will do.

  • Rob

    Why oh why would airdrop not work between all airdrop devices??? Very un-Apple like nonsensical behavior. This is a must have feature.

  • Mark Adams

    I find it very strange that it doesn’t do it now! Yes, I would like to have this feature (that I thought I already had).

  • @_iam_sam_

    It only makes sense…no point in them having the same naming convention and not be compatible…

  • Paul

    Been using Quick DesckConnect works like AirDrop Funny that Apple did not do that

  • Kenrick Kwa

    no wonder i cant airdrop with my mac… I thought sth was wrong with my iPad! Yes I would like Airdrop support on mac!

  • AirDrop NOW!!

    wow i thought there was something wrong with me not being able to “configure” it properly 😛

  • Badsha

    Hi,I am using iPhone 4S could you tell me please ,can I update my phone ios7air drop


    iOS OSX Integration or die!

  • iWantitnow

    enable airdrop between osx and ios already!!

  • Neil Speers

    if they aren’t going to be compatible (airdrop on ios7 and airdrop on OS X) then don’t name them the same. We hate being teased like that.

  • Paul Faci

    It makes sense for this feature to be available. Apple stop being frigid and start being serious – it’s no wonder the pendulum is seriously starting to shift in favour of your competitors. Hard to advocate for a product when its consistently lacking comparability measures!