Desire to disable swearing in GTA V

Some of our readers might find it hard to believe that certain gamers are looking for a cheat to disable swearing in GTA V, but the fact is there is a need for this possibility in some people’s mind. We have been hands-on with the game since release and love almost everything about Grand Theft Auto V, and swearing is just part of what we expected considering the graphic content.

Desire to disable swearing in GTA V – there are a number of reasons certain gamers want to see an option for disabling swearing and we even touched on this idea back in 2010. The message from most gamers was clear back then, and it was one of amazement that anyone buying an 18+ game would think swearing is a bad thing or even unexpected considering the strip clubs, killings, and other disturbing behavior.

One commenter stated, “I am looking for a cheat to disable the swearing in GTA 5, and this is thanks to it being used way too much. Hearing swearing every now and then is fine, but some times I hear bad swearing many times in one sentence and this is ridiculous”. Another gamer added, “I am 18 years old but my parents hate curse words, so I wish Rockstar added an option to disable swearing in GTA 5 or at least accessed by cheats”.

We know a number of teenage gamers want a Teen Option, which would allow them to play Grand Theft Auto games legally, but this very idea shocks most players considering the very actions in this game are aimed at 18 plus.

It would be almost impossible to create an age friendly version of GTA V without many of the graphic acts possible, but being able to disable swearing seems very possible. Would the majority of gamers welcome an option to disable swearing in GTA V? Leave your opinion in the comments.



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