Desire to disable swearing in GTA V

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 22, 2013

Some of our readers might find it hard to believe that certain gamers are looking for a cheat to disable swearing in GTA V, but the fact is there is a need for this possibility in some people’s mind. We have been hands-on with the game since release and love almost everything about Grand Theft Auto V, and swearing is just part of what we expected considering the graphic content.

Desire to disable swearing in GTA V – there are a number of reasons certain gamers want to see an option for disabling swearing and we even touched on this idea back in 2010. The message from most gamers was clear back then, and it was one of amazement that anyone buying an 18+ game would think swearing is a bad thing or even unexpected considering the strip clubs, killings, and other disturbing behavior.

One commenter stated, “I am looking for a cheat to disable the swearing in GTA 5, and this is thanks to it being used way too much. Hearing swearing every now and then is fine, but some times I hear bad swearing many times in one sentence and this is ridiculous”. Another gamer added, “I am 18 years old but my parents hate curse words, so I wish Rockstar added an option to disable swearing in GTA 5 or at least accessed by cheats”.

We know a number of teenage gamers want a Teen Option, which would allow them to play Grand Theft Auto games legally, but this very idea shocks most players considering the very actions in this game are aimed at 18 plus.

It would be almost impossible to create an age friendly version of GTA V without many of the graphic acts possible, but being able to disable swearing seems very possible. Would the majority of gamers welcome an option to disable swearing in GTA V? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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  • tanya

    What’s taking so long to get this going? Its been talked about since 2010. Yes.. a filter would be a fantastic idea. even though the game was intended to draw in an audience of 18 and older, it’s now very popular with kids as young as 8. Anything you can do to get this going would be awesome!

  • yes….I am an adult not a kid and I would welcome a profanity filter in many games. Many adults in the real world could use a profanity filter as well but I digress.

  • cindy

    lots of 13 year olds are pressurising parents to get GTA for the open world, cars , planes etc . having a password where parents can screen for teens is a no brainer rockstar. you are making us parents lives very challenging. if you did that so many more people would buy the game and teens would have a better role model of a game that is so much talked about. please please please!……

  • cindy

    I cant see why rock star cannot make a teen rated GTA , surely you would make more money? I think there should be an option to shut off swearing. not every 18 + likes to hear swearing all the time. the more flexible the more sales wouldn’t you say ?

  • Josh Appleseed

    I have been playing grand theft auto since the beginning I just bought grand theft auto five again for the third time. I wanted to show my kid the cars and driving and all the action that I don’t mind. I can’t play because I can’t turn down Franklin’s cussing when he’s driving. Why would my kid care about that action or the cars if he couldn’t hear anything? it’s just common sense to have a on off option for language. rockstar I hate you the only reason I still buy your games is for the driving experience.

  • Ac

    To excessive. Needs to be toned down. Great game though.

  • Ti Bettle

    Swearing gets very old, very fast in this game, my son plays it and it just gets old hearing it all the time. Nope, I’m not a prude either.

  • Mario Vritz

    Please block all sexual content as my son is ten and he wants game so much but at least some sort of passcode in which you have to enter your age and that would help soo muc as he completed every single COD please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Antigod

      This game is rated M (17+). That was Rockstar’s main focus audience, I’m sure they don’t want to spend more time and effort to make sure little kids don’t hear swearing or see sex. Besides, this game is about killing and stealing, I’m not sure it’s very appropriate for a 10-year old.

  • Sergio

    Who will make this mod? I agree to pay for it.

  • Loco

    Hi I’m 27 yrs old from Texas and an ex gang member and i grew up with drugs prostitutes killing and jacking s**t. But even I the the cursing is to much in the game but I think it’s just you need a escape from it every once in while and its not just that I ain’t no b**ch but when your in public after playing the game the language just comes out and if your some were with kids it just wrong to be cusing in front of them the killing and hoes in the game is not the same cause your seeing it not hearing it.

  • Iookpd

    Yes,my brother loves gta but my parents would not let him get it so if there was an option to disable swearing and skip s*x cut videos

    • Josh Appleseed

      A gore filter or language filter is cake work for a programmer. Killing people kool. But cussing not cool at all.

  • Random George

    Yeah. It would be nice. But easier said than accomplished. Putting bleeps in place of the swears might be an easier, albeit hilarious, fix. But in the end I think the best solution is two versions. What you end up with, though, is two games, and cleaner version risks the reputation of becoming the “sucky” version. There would have to be awesome graphics, and you would have to find a way not to shortchange users of the game play and situations enjoyed in the regular version.. I’m actually starting to talk myself out of this whole idea. Either way, easier said than accomplished. But look into it and definitely look into the bleeps option. That would be pretty funny.

  • Mindee

    I Agree with the 2 versions. Kids want to play it and some parents just buy it anyway. If their were 2 versions then under 18 could play without hearing all the cussing or seeing all the hard violence.

    • Antigod

      Then it would be a totally different game, wouldn’t it? There are already so many games out there, let GTA be what GTA always has been.

    • grace witcher

      That’s a really good idea. I agree completely

  • Tyler

    I think that there should be two versions of the game mature and everyone. One you will make more money if it is age and user friendly. Dont get me wrong I like it the way it is but not something i can have when my kids are awake.


    • Antigod

      I’m not sure kids need to be exposed to the lives of criminals who like to murder and steal. There are thousands of other games out there that are more appropriate. Rockstar doesn’t need to do anything to cater to their needs.

  • Homercles

    I think unfortunately the swearing comes with the genre of game so removing it would seem pretty pointless considering the whole game revolves around the dark and violent side to human existence. I would like to see a family friendly spin off though because I know my kids would love the incredibly detailed open world gameplay. I don’t think it would be that difficult to produce either since the map and objects already exists, you just need a story line that revolves around doing good deeds and driving around carefully etc and of course removing the never ending f bombs.

    • Josh Appleseed

      The first two games had no swearing. What are you saying? There is now genre unless crime and violence is a genre. GTA started as a car mission game just happened to be criminal one. Rockstar slow moved over to garbage, fun garbage but garbage. Focused on graphics and story suffered so they added more cussing, sex and violence.

  • Databaze

    Yes, needs an option to remove swearing. After all the music can be removed. I understand many people out there speak like this all the time and assume its normal. Maybe there should be an opt in for swearing.

  • jonathan sloan

    disable the swearing you would increase your profit and my parents won’t let me play because it swearing

  • MIkey Mike

    Look, I can curse with the best of them, but the cursing on GTA5 is excessive. I bought this game for my kids because they just love driving the cars around but they don’t need to hear all the cussing. So, for those parents like myself, just give me an option to turn it off when the kids play.

    • Josh Appleseed

      We are the power buyers now. Gamers with Kids. We demand action/violence. And game companies can leave the language at the door who are they trying to impress teenagers with no money. I have to find time to watch my kids inbetween my games, it would just make sense if my kid could watch or a least be in the same room.

  • jmantheawesime

    they need to add a switch to turn off strip clubs but a cursing one would be great too

  • tre


  • jon

    I’ve seen a lot of forums with people being put down just for asking this question.

  • jon

    First of all, swearing is something your forced to listen to in these games. The sex, killing innocent people and most other things are optional for the most part. It’s a morally bankrupt world we live in where people put you on blast cause you don’t wanna hear people cussing and sounding ignorant.

  • tyurt

    yes there should be- some people even over 18 may not like it- its made for customer satisfaction- and if the customer is not happy then whats the point?

  • Corey Swinburne

    Yes. Swearing, particularly spoken in anger or any darker feeling is an intense pollution. No one can really know how pure and happy one can get until they have removed all unwholesome things from their lives, leaving only wholesome options. I have seen in first hand in myself and others that giving energy and power to negative things and feelings, esp. verbal expression, leads people to feel generally miserable. They feed themselves garbage long enough, and they start getting sick. I wish this basic truth of our realities was encouraged in a positive way by all parents leading by example. Meantime, the best we can do is make our own space as wholesome as possible. I can bear modest violence in a video game because it is not real, but so many words spoken in anger is fruitless and disturbing. All minds are delicate and get disturbed with just enough negativity, and suddenly we are full of aches and complaints. GTA really could be more enjoyable if it weren’t quite so heavy in the dark sides. I think the people at rockstar might not be moving out of a teenage like phase in their lives, you know? I wish they would, games have sooo much potential to positively influence, and still do things that are morally questionable 🙂 I have wanted rockstar to make an amazing open world samurai game in old japan.

  • Daniel Ward

    Rockstar has went all out to make the game appeal to everyone … They should have put in a clean mode to sub all swearing, sex, and blood while in story mode. Trevor could have been just as crazy if not worse by using “G rated” vocabulary. “Hey buttercup! Get me a drink. Take chicken boy here with you too!”

  • Biz

    Yes, there should be an option… I am 29 years old, and we have a 2 year old little girl. I only play the game when she is not around or in bed. BUT the walls in our little flat are like tissue paper, you could hear an Ant fart through them. So disabling or bleeping the swearing would be great. She can’t see what going on through the walls.

    • Josh Appleseed

      And who wants to turn it down or where headphones. In 5 minutes of playing my kid now says sh$& and fu$&. F that.

  • Kar

    There should be an option to disable the swearing. I would not let my kids play it, but I can’t even let my husband play it when the kids are on the same floor as him. Its impossible to play in mute because you need to hear certain things.

  • jeffthekillerGTA

    Well, they should’v had an OPTION to disable cussing so you don’t have to do it. But you can use it in moments like when ur kids or parants come by, they won’t ban you from it forever.

  • Jd

    Let’s cut out the swearing. I understand why it’s there but sometimes I like to drive around while my kids or guests are around.

  • Kevin G. Brown

    I love the game the way it is, but I would LOVE to have that option. My 4 yr old is just getting into games and loves the open world where he can drive anything or go anywhere, but unfortunately, he is 5 and repeats what he hears. We all know that the game is what it is, but the option to turn off the language “when needed” would be awesome.

  • Em_Con

    Absolutely. My husband plays it in the living room and I don’t pay attention to what’s happening, but I don’t see why I should have to listen to the constant swearing. It’s ridiculous! I’m happy for him to play games in the living room whilst I am on the laptop or reading, and of course he wants to hear the missions, but I can’t relax with this language in the background. We both find it way too much. Also, we have a baby on the way and when it starts learning words, he is going to have to hide away to play it-just not very practical at all!

  • John Appleseed

    The profanity is too much i mean once in a while, thats fine, but five times in each sentence gets ridiculous. Just a code or patch or something that would disable the swearing would be awesome. Thanks.

  • Big dude

    Hi rockstar I was wondering if you could disable the nudidy

  • Brandon

    My grandfather is coming to visit and while he could certainly appreciate the technology of the game, he would not appreciate the swearing. A way to disable the profanity would definitely be a plus.

  • Jason

    Yes most definitely we all need a cheat to turn off language!!! I don’t mind a little here an there but my wife Hates it and I can’t really play it in the house with her there!! I mean like most of the action Seens and like ever other word is the F word it’s just to much!! I mean no one really talks like that even if there mad not this much!!!

  • kwill

    A cheat to disable the profanity seems like the most logical option, possibly added on as a patch. I don’t mind swearing which can add to a character’s profile and backround, but this is a bit of overkill. When profanity is used this excessively it takes away from the dialogue and fails to differentiate characters effectively.

  • Justin

    Yes!!! Bring it!

  • Maxime

    GTA teen version = the Sims ^_^

    • Viz

      So you’re saying the swearing takes it into an adult genre and without it it’s a kids game? What nonsense is that really. Think about it.

    • Josh Appleseed

      I am pretty sure the swearing is just pandering to the teen audience. Adults don’t need that kind of language repeated over and over to get the point.

  • Elliot Lee

    Not just in GTA but in games in general. I’m 44 years old an would just prefer to have the option to disable swear words, I Have to play some of my games with headphones on because of young children walking around (not watching what I’m playing) but within earshot, and I don’t swear in front in children, so I would prefer them not to hear swear words coming from my PC.