BBM on iPhone, app removed from store

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 22, 2013

BlackBerry officially launched the BBM app on iPhone in India and New Zealand, although just a few hours after the application went live on iOS they removed it from the App Store. You can see a screenshot for the BBM app on iPhone below, although this page has been pulled from iTunes at the time of writing.

The official BlackBerry Twitter account started announcing the launch for BBM on iPhone in different countries as each area reached Midnight. Then a few hours later their final message explained that the rollout had been paused.

Not only did BlackBerry pause the rollout for BBM on iPhone, but they also canceled the launch for Android and removed the live pages from iTunes.

You can see an image below that is a screenshot we took of a cache page for BBM on the App Store, which reveals the app was live in New Zealand. This page has been indexed by search engines, but is not live anymore, so in a nutshell you can see that the leaked Android app stopped the BBM app on iPhone.

BBM cache page for iTunes when live

BBM cache page for iTunes when live

This won’t make iOS users happy considering the problems with Android should not really affect users of Apple devices like BBM for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone models. BlackBerry must have a very good reason for pulling apps that were already live on Apple’s App Store.

Did you manage to install BBM on your iPhone before it was pulled, and if so does the app now crash or is it working without problems?

We have heard from a few people stating all they can now find in their country is BES10 Client from BlackBerry Limited although those that managed to install the app state that there’s a server problem now and it cannot connect.

After launch you can clearly see that future updates will bring BBM Video, BBM Voice and BBM Channels.

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  • Mima

    When is bbm coming back. And if it comes back is it compatible for ipads. Please answer i was so looking forward to bbm

  • alululuwee

    can you get it for iPod 4 though?

  • xp_kiler

    Not conecting asking for internet conection. Xperia S android

  • Jordan

    How do you get it on iPad Jordan

  • Oli

    what more could you expect from RIM?

  • Alvin

    Can I use it on my ipad?

  • Didi

    I mean download bbm pn iphone5 so far works fine.

  • Didi

    I also download BBM its still working fine.

  • richard

    Managed to load BBM on my iphone still working fine 🙂