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iPhone 5C repair better than average

There are so many things we look forward to seeing when a new device is released, such as that all-important first hands-on review to see how well it performs in real life tests, but there is something else as well, that’s right the teardown.

This is just what we have been waiting on with Apple’s cheaper iPhone model because we want to know what makes it tick and how different it is to the iPhone 5, as we know the 5C has been widely based on the outgoing model.

As ever iFixit has been on the case and the final results suggests the iPhone 5C repair gets a slightly better than average score. Even though this new handset is a more budget model – not by much – it is still a sturdy device but some areas affected the overall repairability of the iPhone 5C.

We had assumed most of the internals of the iPhone 5C were the same as the 5, and while this is true for the most part, there are still differences, such as some of the controls and outputs being larger than the 5. There are several other changes, all of which can be found by visiting iFixit.

On a positive note, while the iPhone 5C may be the cheaper of the two new iPhone models, it is not to be confused with a low-budget device you see with some of Apple’s rivals, and so a steel frame and polycarbonate chassis is far stronger and more flexible than we would have assumed.

Do you think Apple has got the iPhone 5C all wrong and so will not do as well in developing markets, as they would have hoped? However, we have to remember the likes of China and India do not want to be looked at as charity cases and so having an iPhone that is marginally cheaper could keep these markets very happy.



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