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iPad 5 confidence in features

We are confident in iPad 5 features from rumors thanks to how close they were to the iPhone 5S and 5C features, because there were so many of those and for the most part that were on the money. Okay, so we know there were rumors of a larger screen and a much cheaper price, but it was rather obvious these were red herrings.

Going back to the iPhone 5S, it is highly likely that the iPad 5 will share the same A7 processor, although it could be clocked at a higher speed and also making use of 64-bit technology, meaning iPad 5 gaming performance will be far better than that of the current version.

The iPad 5 design will be very similar to the current model, although there will be minor changes to the bezel making it similar to that of the iPad mini. This could mean the overall size will be smaller without losing any screen size. In all we expect the iPad 5 size to be 15 percent thinner and 25 percent lighter.

Again, this information is based on some of the latest rumors, but we do believe them because the evidence has been overwhelming, just as it was for the iPhone 5S and 5C.

You could be looking at the new iPad 5
You could be looking at the new iPad 5

Another iPad 5 feature could be something else taken from the iPhone 5S, and that is a fingerprint scanner. The reason we have confidence in this is because of the use of the same processor and also the US government wanting iOS devices to have increased security.

We do find it strange why some people would wish to use their iPad to take photos, but they do and for this reason Apple will surely upgrade the camera on the iPad 5 in some way. We don’t know if they will go the same route as the iPhone 5S and just improve the sensor and flash, or if they will add more megapixels?

Taking all this into consideration, what other upgrades would you like to see?



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