Haswell MacBook Pro vs. 2013 Mac Pro for anticipation

By Peter Chubb - Sep 21, 2013

October 15, 2013 is the date we expect Apple to hold their next event, and while this will not be on par with the iPhone event earlier this month; there is greater expectation because of the sheer number of devices due to be launched.

We have already looked at the iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2, so now we wanted to look at two new devices that will share one thing in common, and that is OS X Mavericks. It is understandable that the anticipation level for the Haswell MacBook Pro and the all-new 2013 Mac Pro are very high at the moment and for good reason, but which has been grabbing your attention most?

When Apple released the MacBook Pro with Retina last year it was a vast improvement over the previous version and while there was a performance increase, it wasn’t as much as we would have hoped. However, all that will change this year with the new model because it will come with the 4th generation Intel i-Series processor, Haswell. This will not only offer improved performance, but increased battery life as well.

2013 Mac Pro anticipation level increases

2013 Mac Pro anticipation level increases

It is easy to see why people will be exited about this newer MacBook Pro, but it is still much of the same and so it is for this reason why there has to be greater excitement for the 2013 Mac Pro overhaul. It is not just a minor hardware upgrade coming to this device, but a compete redesign. The device will look completely different from the outside, and there are huge hardware changes, which are needed because its reduction in size.

However, it is not all positive because there are limitations, which could cause issues for those of you wanting to upgrade or to use third-party peripherals.

What device are you looking forward to seeing the most during the October Apple event out of the Haswell MacBook Pro or the 2013 Mac Pro?

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  • A2

    I hope they’re going to release the Macbook Pro soon. Maybe the fact they’re holding them so long is because a new design? Or maybe they are waiting for Intel to provide them some custom stuff.

    I used to have this 1.7kg limit for a laptop, I’m wondering about the weights of these new machines. I know they’re not the MBA but have 2kg on your shoulder for 1h+ every day is bad for me.

    The real estate of the current 13″ screen is worst than the non retina one. Hopefully the next 13″ rMBP will address this issue. I guess the new Haswell GPU will help a lot here.

    It would be nice to have the 15″ one with no screen bezel at all to push the size and weight of it to the limits. Imagine the same power and screen in a 13”-14″ body…

  • Alex Lee

    First of all, a 17 inch display for BOTH kinds of MacBook Pros(retina and non-retina)
    Second of all, to leave the CD drive, or Superdrive in the MacBook Pro since it is still popular among users.

    Then next thing, make dual hard drives(NOT including superdrive), STANDARD, BUT make the secondary hard drive a SSD since that is lighter.

    Also, make the speakers on the 17 inch louder and larger(in a way that the speakers extend to the edge of the casing like the original 17 inch.) on each side of the keyboard to differentiate from the 15 inch, and leave the black separated keyboard the same.

    Another good suggestion would to use different colors of backlight keyboards which can be adjusted by user. This way mac users can express themselves.

    • A

      CD Drive, Year 2013, on an Apple Laptop = stupid, and won’t happen. 17-inch display is silly. What? Is Apple Samsung? Non-retina models will fade out in 1-3 years. Dual hard drive is utterly stupid – why sacrifice the precious space on a portable computer when a single hard drive will do (albeit with a premium, but Apple users are after quality and less concerned about $). Better speakers is reasonable but minor. Do you live in a cave?

      • ZZZ

        A laptop without an optical drive?!?! What is this? 2003…? Reminds me of the days when I had a T-Mobile Sidekick Color. We had to buy an external camera accessory in order to take pictures….. We photographers still need an optical drive. It’s like taking the phone feature on a cellphone off because people text more than they call. I will be okay without an optical drive, but I need the ability to upgrade my laptop in the future. :(( If that does happen, I will a configured Mid-2012 MacBook pro.

        • Alex Lee

          I agree ZZZ we still need optical drive and 17-inch MBP for some users who do heavy-duty professional work