GTA V PC release date excites elites

By Peter Chubb - Sep 21, 2013

Last week was mind blowing for several reasons, but the biggest reason for gamers was the release of GTA V for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. However, if you have a PC then you would have already known you would have been left out in the cold with no release date in sight.

However, we now have news on the GTA V PC release date, which we would assume excites you elites out there. As you would imagine it is not as straightforward as we would have hoped because Rockstar has not gone official yet, and so we rely on some good old-fashioned news from various retail websites.

According to a source there are two GTA V for PC release dates, and those are November 22 and December 6. Gameseek listed the first date while Zavvi listed the second. The GTA V PC pre-order has now sold out on these sites, although we need to remind you these dates are just placeholders.

How legit are these dates? We don’t have any reason to doubt these, especially as these are respected retailers and also the fact Amazon in certain countries has also confirmed the existence of the PC version, and as for the two dates, these could be due to the regions they will be released in, and so the likes of the US could be getting the PC version of GTA V before the UK – well that is the guess.

We just have to wonder how long it will be before GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One will be, as this could also be a sign Rockstar is gearing up for the next-gen release?

Do you think it will be out this year and if so how excited are you of the prospect? Let’s hope these dates are legit because you will soon be able to steal a jet, take a ride on a roller coaster, enjoy the latest missions and even check out all the car locations.

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    Consoles are just for kids(They can never give a games full potential) XD
    And lets not debate this thousand years old question again pls
    there is nothing to tell really you can’t compare pc to a console in any way
    (And where do you think they make games for consoles,it’s simple answer PC XD)

  • Dr. Moist

    I really hope that Rock* don’t use Games for Windows again, that was a total abortion with GTA IV. I will wait ’til official announcements before believing the PC version will be available in 2013. I’m hoping the case design is a complete dud.

    • Ryan BurnsRed

      GFWL is being shut down in July 2014. I don’t think any game will use the service, unless Microsoft comes up with an even worst software to replace it

  • KB2214

    Its all sales marketing strategies..trying to convert the pc gamers to consoles..of course to extend the console life and more profit as its potrayed as premium and people have fallen for it…PC can anyday be modified to play the latest game…consoles needs to be replaced. So decide what you want and is better…

  • Guest

    All anyone needs to do is search on youtube for GTA 4 iCEnhancer to see how good GTA 5 can look on PC.

    • Gerry Mann

      It wont look the same because iCEnhancer does not use GTA V textures.

      • DaNorwegianWarriah


    • Joobert


  • Tom the person with common sen

    It’s like if Americans signed a petition telling Apple to stop selling iPhones to the UK because some people steal iPhones there, and not looking at the amount of iPhone theft in the US. You know piracy is a problem on consoles too, right? Hence why you find X360 and PS3 versions of games on torrent sites. The majority of PC gamers aren’t pirates (contrary to everyone’s obviously well-informed opinion in this petition). If that were the case, why would game developers still be around making games for PC? Plus losses due to piracy are very hard to quantify, because you can’t assume every pirate would have bought the game if it wasn’t available to pirate online. Furthermore, you have to take into account those who pirate to try before buying (because not every game has a demo).

    I don’t think console gamers can really comment on “supporting the developers” when there’s lending, buying, and selling used games, as well as free PS+ games. How exactly are you guys “supporting the devs” and also taking a huge chunk of the profits away from the devs by swapping and selling amongst yourselves?

    Also do you really think Rockstar aren’t going to make a PC version, even if 100% of console games sign this? There were over 40 million Steam users alone at the start of 2012; Rockstar will will make a huge profit on PC, and it’s their choice to take the risk on piracy. This petition just undermines their intelligence to make a business decision themselves, and it comes off as a petty attempt to keep a console exclusive for to brag to PC gamers.

    “No, this is my toy! No sharing! Tell them, Rockstar!”

  • Dan

    I dislike PC gamers. They give gamers a bad name. When GTAV released PC gamers clearly flooded Metacritic to pan the game and give it a low rating on the 360 and PS3. Some of them scored the game a 0 out of 10 just because it wasn’t released on PC. PC gamers and Fanboys are pathetic.

    As for GTA on PC. It will release the same day in the US and UK. Although the UK get it first as the UK is in a different time zone and several hours ahead of the US. And GTA is a UK game franchise.

    • Cory Simmons

      I dislike you. Console and PC both have awesome aspects. GTA games rule on console for sure. FPS handles and looks way better on a PC. Some of the best games ever made are so much better on PC because of addons/cracks/hacks and general 3rd party enhancements made by the community. Skyrim is a good example of where console users lose big time. Skyrim graphics on PC are just unbelievable… Something you guys can’t understand.

      Sorry if you can’t afford a wicked 2k gaming rig.

      • PC Pirates

        Mate, I have a $10k 4K TV, so it’s not that I cannot afford a “gaming” PC, it’s just that I have a demanding job (you know, like your parents have) and want to come home and kick back in my theatre rather than sit in my study on my PC like I do at work all day. Also, if it were not for console gamers, games like GTA V would look a lot different as they would not have a budget circa $260m due to the vast majority of PC gamers just pirating any decent single player games. One day you’ll understand the grown up world of income versus expenses etc but until then get your Mom to buy you the latest video card that no game yet requires…

    • John

      Well well Dan first of all the problem us pc gamers have is not with you so shut up and tell your mummy to get you a glass of milk while you play GTA 5 on your outdated 30FPS piece of crap.

      Our problem is with Rockstar because we would like to have access to the game before everyone stops caring I mean FPS fans will stop caring about GTA 5 once battlefield 4 and COD Ghosts comes out and other people will just not buy it because of what Rockstar done, the fact that Rockstar can’t see that they are losing money is just ridiculous and makes me wonder the efficiency of the company, I mean it happened with gta 4 I completely forgot about it and when it came out on pc I didn’t even care until I eventually picked it up at a steam sale for £5.

      And people say EA is bad… They are saints compared to rockstar.

      • Kostas

        Mate, i understand your frustration as i’ve been waiting for the pc version too, but think about it: Would you like rockstar to release a crappy pc port with terrible interface, controls and optimization real quickly, or would you prefer for them to take some time and give us a grandiose pc version, with mind blowing graphics and decent fps? I’d say let them take their time, as long as what they release makes up for it.

        Also, Battlefield 4 and CoD Ghosts will last a few weeks. All the new features will eventually become repetitive and boring. When that happens, guess where they’ll go- that’s right, gta v. Because simply gta v is the game of the year, with 266 millions spent for its development, it delivers experience no game has ever offered so far.

        In shot, GTA V is the success gamers have been so long waiting for.

        • John

          I’m afraid COD and BF4 will last slightly more than that due to the DLC that is going to be released, it extends the game life.

          I agree with you but the problem is if they take too long to produce the said Godly version of GTA 5 for PC, it will fall into oblivion and gamers will be too busy playing the other releases, because lets face it theres a big hype about GTA 5 at the moment but what Rockstar needs to ask themselves is:

          How long will the hype last?

          Because I was frustrated that the game did not come out for pc for a couple of days but im starting to lose interest and that will happen with more gamers until it gets to the point where we no longer care if it comes out and when it does come out I will not buy it until I find it for half the price on Steam a year from now and thats what happened to GTA 4.

          What will also happen is that people will start emulating GTA 5 for the 360 on pc or simply pirate the game and thats when the sh*t hits the fan because Rockstar will go ballistic about all the pirates – yet they made us wait a good while (in the dark) for a pc version.

          All in all I think that Rockstar is just useless and they have no idea about what they are doing, for example look at EA they might be money driven sharks with DLC for teeth but at least they have the decency to release all the verisons of BF4 at the same time instead of making people wait in the dark.
          Same applies for COD and Activision they release all of the versions at the same time and Black Ops 2 made an absolute fortune within the first week.
          Rockstar, sort yourself out.

        • Kostas

          You’re right. Rockstar should at least give out a release date and make the game available for pre order. That way, all gamers would know when it’s going to be released, so they can either spend their money on a pre order or buy another game.

          Sitting in the dark, basing hopes on rumors, not knowing what to expect will only make it worse for Rockstar. People will spend their money on other games (beware bf4, ghosts, watch dogs) and when gta v is announced and released for pc, everyone will just pirate it for that reason.

          As for EA, i can’t say i agree with their actions. A company’s goal should not be only to make as much money as possible, but to please the customers, who have been buying their products since forever (aka me). EA ran battlefield 3 into the ground. Setting hilariously short deadline to Dice, charging the same money for premium to those who already owned some of the dlc included (e.x Back to Karkand), releasing a version which included the main game and the premium package for 50€, making all those who paid 100€ both for the game and the premium seperately looking like fools. It wasn’t voted as America’s worst company for nothing.

        • Ryan BurnsRed

          I’m one of them. I pre ordered Watch Dogs instead of buying GTA V on PS3. That money could have went to Rockstar, but them not even acknowledging the PC is a sign that they clearly don’t want my money, which is fine by me. At least the PC is the lead platform for Watch Dogs. Also The Division, The Witcher 3, Titanfall, BF4, the lost goes on. I’m starting to care less and less about GTA V and honestly, I don’t care if it ever comes to PC. I’ll just pick up a used copy at the store 3 years from now. Either way, Rockstar still doesn’t get any of my money. It’s a win-win don’t you think?

        • PC Pirates

          Rockstar DO know what they are doing. Keeping the PC pirates at bay. Let’s not debate, just look at the scoreboard. How are GTA V sales going? Let’s compare that with other titles that let PC pirates get the game at the same time as console gamers. Yes, that’s right, GTA V’s sales are waaaaaay higher. Can you explain why this is so when all the PC fanboys reckon they do legitimately pay for games?

      • Roger Rabbit

        “the fact that Rockstar can’t see that they are losing money is just ridiculous and makes me wonder the efficiency of the company”

        Your kidding right? they have made over $800 million on Xbox 360 and PS3 alone on the RELEASE DATE. that is 3x more than they spent on it (in 1 day), and lets be honest, its still selling worldwide and is still yet to be released onto PC where there is a petition with over 500,000 votes for PC release. and you think they’re losing money? LOL

        • Joobert

          chedi popod go eat some p-en-is

    • Pinterest

      Well F**K you!!

    • Roger Rabbit

      You cant blame us PC gamers for being hacked off about it being released on, lets be honest – the cheap platforms first, PC is and always will be the most powerful platform there is. Amen.

      • dave

        Amen indeed

      • A Motherf**king Name

        Well, consoles may be cheaper but console gamers still pretty much need to have a decent PC for normal daily use. The games are also much more expensive for them (2x more expensive once next-gen is out).
        I really don’t see where exactly do they save any money in that deal

    • Koyaanis

      You are the only pathetic person here. How do we give gamers a bad name? People on consoles don’t even know the true meaning of gaming. And I’d rather wait a few more months for more quality than buying it now.

      • NiggaImTrolling

        You sound stupid. “People on consoles don’t even know the true meaning of gaming.” No more. Just shut up.

        • Elliot Dinneweth

          It’s very known that pc gamers are way more into gaming then console gamers, since they are made to play with friends or in small breaks (1-2 hours)

    • PCPirates

      Totally agree, Dan. PC should stand for Pirating C—s. They contend it is as easy to pirate on consoles as PC, which is entirely incorrect. Further, they voted down the user score on metacritic which again just shows they care not about facts, rather about cheering for their “team”. I don’t even consider the User score on metacitic now. Only the Critic score is relevant as PC fanboys dominate the User score. I know Rockstar will relaease for PC, but I agree with the way they have handled it. First, get all the legitimate sales maximise by delaying PC release, then release on PC to get the 10-15% of PC users that actually pay for games. They would not have generated record sales if they released on PC immediately due to piracy from those who have consoles and PC…they simply would have day 1 torrented, but I reckon a lot of these people would have bought it for their console due to no day 1 torrent.

      • ConsolePirates

        Consoles are pirated as well 🙂 – and will be more so when they move to the x86 model as both will be a piece of piss to hack. The next Gen Consoles are PC’s at the end of the day so I guess you will not be buying any of them. See you on the famicom

    • Joobert

      Haha it’s funny because console “gamers” arent really gamers at all…

  • Rainbow Dash

    It will release on PC. On a crappy port. When everyone gets bored of it and move onto other games. The fact that people only wish for this game to release on a platform labelled for nerds and ‘elitists’ (which surely isn’t an attractive nickname in my book) just so they can ‘mod’ the work of art Rockstar have spent over 3 years creating. You get what you pay for, not get it so you can destroy developers’ visions on how they wanted you to play the game

    • Dan

      Rockstar spent 5yrs making GTAV. Rockstar North in the UK make the GTA games. They said they started work on GTAV in mid 2008.

      Rockstar North make GTA on consoles. Once released they ship over all the tools to Rockstar Vancouver in Canada to port it to PC. Then it releases 6 months after consoles. That’s how it’s always worked anyway.

      • undermyrules

        always worked till GTA IV now is changed look at Max Payne 3…they needed only 2 months to released…and it wasnt a port …that was the game that they made ported to consoles and then after console launch they used those 2 months to polish the game further on PC…its obviously same with GTA V….if was a straight console doveloped graphics cant be so good…its obvious that is doveloped on PC then ported to console and then downgraded(lower texures and etc you know the drill)…that is my point of view.

    • Cory Simmons

      I’d rather be a nerd than a console fanboy… Sheesh. Truth is console gaming can never hold up to PC, ever. Even shitty ports are often fixed by the community. With platforms like Steam, console users pay up the ass for their games. And graphics… Nothing you fanboys can ever appreciate. HD texture packs, mods, addons. Steam Workshop makes gaming so much more amazing with their suite of auto-installing mods all created by very talented PC gamers.

      And if you don’t play PC, you have no idea how ports feel. Most of them play very well. It may be a huge loss over console, but the major graphic improvements and modding makes it worth the trade.

    • Gary

      Modding is best used after a game is beaten. And it gives it a much longer playability. Look at skyrim. Just because we want to change it doesnt mean we are attacking the developers, we want a more fun expeireince with a game many people like.

    • Toronto Fun

      Sorry – but that is just stupid.
      There is hardly anyone out there who uses mods before the game is finished. You know – “like the developer intendend”. We all want to know how the game actually is before we use any mod on it (graphical mods (=lighting, textures, etc.) taken aside). We appreciate what the developer is doing – and that is the exact reason why we like to mod the games. We appreciate what the developer created to such an extend that we want to build our own visions around it. We have so much fun with the game that we actually do not want to put it aside – we create the mods for it in order to PLAY EVEN MORE. How can anyone not see this and base their opinion on assumption that we want to take the developers work, take it around the next corner and rape the s**t out of it?

      This is similiar to devices like the Rasperry PI. The developer never intended for anyone to build complex CNC-controllers out of such a little piece of hardware. You know what the developer said, when he was asked about this? He saw it as ingenious, as truly beautiful and was really proud that he produced something which spawned something like that. This is exactly how developers of games should see it: The people are so into the game that they produce something else entirely based on their product – and the modders still give the recognition over to the developers of the base.

      It’s a pure win-win for both sides: The developers get more recognition, get more attention and may even sell more of their game – and the gamers? They get more out of the game than they ever hoped to get.

      I want the game on PC because I want to play the game. I don’t own a console and do not intend to get one – so the only way for me is on PC. And the game looks and plays* great – I want to enjoy it as well. And since GTAV uses the same base engine as Max Payne 3 – I’m not worried about the “port”. MP3 played and looked great on PC.

      * = Had the chance to play the game for a little bit on XBox.

  • bananaboy

    will it be available on xp?

    • ZackFirst

      Lol i think its time to upgrade pal windows 7 pro is probably cheap by now !!!

  • Joe Tart

    R* definitely will release it for PC. Respected retailers putting it up for preorder around nov-dec time this year, cmon it will come really soon. Also Amazon France and Germany have it up for preorder, and the account name is the official Rockstar retailer!

  • Herve Shango

    bring us gta v rock*