BBM on iPhone, UK and USA release time

By Peter Chubb - Sep 22, 2013

In little under 6 hours the BBM for Android download will go live, but what of the iPhone version? For a change Apple’s mobile OS platform will have to sit it out because this version will be delayed by a day. BBM on iPhone cannot be released on the same day as its rival platform because this would put a huge strain on BlackBerry servers because millions will be trying to download this at once and then start to use it.

This will be a huge issue, as iOS users know full well what happens when so many people try to use a piece of new software on the same day.

BBM on iPhone release time in UK and USA – The BBM on iPhone download will go live on the App Store at 12:01am local time on Sunday, September 22, 2013. Okay, so we know you have to wait another day and no doubt you will have to sit back and watch the smug faces of your friends who have an Android handset.

We do find it strange why the Android version of BBM is at staggered times, whereas for the iPhone it will be at 12:01am no matter where you are. If you live in the UK you will not get BBM for iOS before the likes of Hong Kong or Australia, but you will get your hands on it before people in the US.

This will do doubt anger some iPhone users because some will have before others, but this is a good idea to stop servers from backing up. Let us just hope there are no BBM on iPhone download issues to worry about on Sunday.

Are you upset that BBM will not support Android and iOS tablets, and do you think we will be waiting long for them to be supported?

Update: Android issues have delayed both the iPhone and Android app launch this weekend.

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  • Yash

    its time we leave these BB Guys on their own. They have no future left. They themselves are responsible for the leak.I think its no more than a publicity stunt, and we should also understand that BB can’t be trusted any more. They just won’t learn from their previous mistakes.they are incredibly arrogant about what they do.

  • Wasim

    Go on your apple account
    Click on Apple ID
    Change location to new zeland
    Enter post code and suburb
    (8013 Wellington)
    For the credit card select non
    Accept the terms and conditions and then go on App Store it will be there for download
    Once you have done this go back and change you location to what it was originally

  • jordan

    well its 9:09 am and still no sign of it

  • Norma Carter

    It’s 2:15 am in the uk still no sign of BBM on my App Store anyone else in uk for it

  • Hasan

    i changed my store to several countries where the bbm were released but nothing also !!!

  • Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones

    I am on twitter somebody’s says now apple have pulled the plug – yet people are waiting and nothing – just look up #BBM – it’s now 1:17am & no sign of BBM for iOS in the uk. No wonder people laugh at blackberry – they can’t even bring out their products when they say…. Sorry the company’s a joke and if blackberry have pulled the plug to iOS users in the uk – that will be another death nail for the company. Not looking so good… BlackBerry the company is a joke ….. End off x

    • Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones

      Just type in #BBM on twitter. Blackberry are a pure joke. The sooner they go bust the better…. Call me what ever you want. Really not bothered. I just think blackberry are sh*t – to put it nicely.

  • Raheema

    Where is it :/

  • Kelly w

    I carnt get it and I’m in uk ???

    • Stephen

      I have the leaked app of it and think they have shut the servers down so something is happening

  • Jong snow

    You guys got it wrong, bbm is out for iOS in Australia, and India and such

  • Jack

    I cant wait!!!!!!!

    • Herve Shango

      got it already

      • leah jacksom

        where are you now? i cant get it uk

        • Herve Shango

          England i got it by switching my details to new zeland and got bbm of the new zeland app server and downloaded it from there and then switched back to UK server.