Steal a Jet in GTA V with gameplay

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 20, 2013

Some of our readers have been wondering where the tanks and jets are in Grand Theft Auto V, so in this article we just wanted to highlight a quick gameplay video that shows you how to steal a Jet in GTA V. You can also use the same method to take a tank as well, or other aircraft found at the Fort.

You will need to head to the Fort in GTA V, which can be found by exploring the map and even reveals its location when blacked out. Just click on the map from the menu and look around, and then head towards the Fort.

Once at the Fort you can find a number of vehicles outside if you need one, and then just speed into the Fort and steal the Jet as soon as possible before dying. This took us a number of tries thanks to being killed by tanks or soldiers a few times.

Even after you are off the ground the battle isn’t over and this is thanks to missiles being shot at you from the army base. Once away, you can now shoot helicopters and police cars in GTA V thanks to your own missiles that lock-on to targets or use the machine guns.

Have you stolen a jet or tank in Grand Theft Auto V yet? We are sure a number of Product Reviews readers can do it in an easier way, so feel free to hit the comments with any locations and ways you stole a tank/jet in GTA V.

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  • LadyAdy

    YES! Finally stole the jumbo jet after hours of attempts. Almost flew it to the mountains before being shot down…

    • Br4iNz

      if youbuy a hanger you dont get heat whenin airport 🙂

      • Anonymous

        oh yes?i didm t knew . asswipe