iOS 7 battery drain fix for iPhone 5, 4S

By Peter Chubb - Sep 20, 2013

Every year when a new version of iOS is released there are always several problems, which is one of the reasons why some people wait for the first update in the hope of resolving whatever issue they have. It is for this reason why we are not surprised why there is an iOS 7 battery drain issue.

There is not only a iPhone 5 battery drain with iOS 7, but also iPhone 4S battery life problems as well, but don’t worry because there is a fix and it is one we have had to use time and again in the past. However, some of you might have forgot because it has been a year since you had to take this action.

As we said above the problem happens to thousands of people whenever there is a new iOS version, and all it really involves is that you do a clean install, although you need to make certain you have backed your iPhone up.

We have heard some cases where an iPhone battery is draining at a fast rate and fear it is hardware related. However, because it started directly after an update it is rather obvious it is software related. Thankfully I do not have to worry about an iPhone 5 battery life fix, but I already know several people who have had to do this.

In order to resolve these issues you first need to back your device up and then you will need to implement a clean install. This can either be done on iTunes in DFU mode where you need to keep your fingers on the sleep/wake button and home button and when you see the Apple logo appear keep hold of the Home button until you see a message on iTunes saying the phone is in recovery mode. You can also put your phone back to factory settings on the handset itself.

All you need to do is then connect your handset to iTunes, if you are not already connected and then let it download iOS 7, and following that also install your backup. Once you have taken these steps your issues should be a thing of the past, well that is the hope.

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  • Dan

    Sick of apples Poor upgrades and now I read I should do a clean upload! What a load of s**t every upgrade make this phone worse shame as it doing the same to my I pad and mac! Time to change I think!!!!

  • Kevin

    Isn’t battery charging a software based affair as well? I found that letting my battery drain completely flat (to the point of switching off) and then completing a full uninterrupted charge improved the battery life as though it resets the measuring of power capacity.

  • Alimunro

    As in, you plug in the iPhone to your laptop. Back it up, and then press and hold the top button with the home button when connected to iTunes? To reset the iPhone? And how do you reinstall?

    • disqusted

      Google “iPhone DFU mode”. It’s really easy once you get the hang of the timing (to get it into DFU mode). The rest of the restore process is also very easy, just search for it… there’s hundreds of tutorials out there on the subject.

  • Alimunro

    Can you explain the clean install process a little bit more please from a laptop?? Thanks

  • theinsanegamern

    Again!? will apple ever get this right? the same thing happened with the ios 6, 5, 4, and 3 launch. how do they continue to screw this up?

    • Spencer

      They probably will, yes.