iFruit login problems may prolong Android release

By Alan Ng - Sep 20, 2013

As amazing as GTA V is at the moment, a lot of you are also loving the iFruit iOS app that Rockstar has released in conjunction with the game. However, we’re getting considerable feedback that iFruit is having login problems and it could be the sole reason why Rockstar has decided to not release iFruit on Android yet.

iFruit is an app which allows you to spend some intimate moments with Chop the dog. You can feed him, train him and keep him happy to see the protection benefits of Chop when playing GTA V. It’s an amazing little side game that Rockstar has created, but unfortunately not everyone can reap the fruits of it.

We understand that the app is having considerable issues whenever users try to log into iFruit. Naturally traffic is going to be sky high, but Rockstar should know that everyone is going to want to train their Chop up as much as possible so he is effective in the game.

You only need to do a search for ‘iFruit login’ on Twitter to see that this is affecting quite a large number of iOS users. Rockstar are obviously aware of the problems too and we’re willing to bet it is the main reason why Android users are being kept to wait.

Keep Chop happy on iFruit to see rewards in GTA V

Keep Chop happy on iFruit to see rewards in GTA V

It would be a disaster if Rockstar were to release the Android app over the weekend, only for the same login problems to occur as what is happening for iOS users at the moment. It’s a frustrating issue as well, since some players are going to have a fully trained up Chop to use in GTA V, whilst others will not have this luxury until the login problems are sorted.

What are your experiences so far on the iFruit app on iOS – have you been able to login into the app and train up Chop today or not? We’ll let you know as soon as there is an update from Rockstar regarding the Android release.

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  • Blakehellyer

    Doesn’t work at all for me

  • exit151

    No, Apple is what is prolonging the release.. Problems or not, there is an iOS version publically released. There could just as easily be an Android version if something ($$) wasn’t blocking them. What, did Rockstar employee’s misplace the link to the FREE SDK for Android Development, whilst paying for the iOS one?? ROFL. Please. We all know why iOS is the ONLY platform to see the iFruit.

  • Ryan Tervo

    5 years and the most expensive game ever created and they can’t get a simple app to work properly. Lame.

    • Jeremy Taco Patterson

      You should go do it for them. It IS simple, right? Just knock it out real quick. I’ll be waiting to download it so just let me know when you’re done.

      • Ryan Tervo

        When you compare what they accomplished with the actual game itself to building an app that is exponentially simpler this can easily be viewed as a black eye. There are expectations with something like this and I don’t feel its unfair to call them out on it. Or do we all live in a world that you can’t criticize any company/product that you like?

        • Jeremy Taco Patterson

          I just think its a little unreasonable o demand everything work flawlessly within 2-3 days of launch of a game this HUGE. I have to assume there were some compatibility issues and traffic issues they could NOT have foreseen. Of course or would be awesome if everything was perfectly functional, but sometimes things just don’t work right. Give them more than 3 days to iron out the bugs.

        • Ryan Tervo

          I can accept not knowing your demand if you are an unproven game or company. But everyone knew this would be one of if not the largest game launch in history, and they only released an iOS app which means they’re only hitting a most 40-50% of the installed user base. There’s simply no good excuse to be that ill prepared. They should’ve learned from MW3 and the Elite launch. Don’t cheap out and get it right out the box.

        • Jeremy Taco Patterson

          Valid points for sure. I just hate to see people demanding perfection. Besides, I would imagine Rockstar outsourced the app development to a 3rd party who CLEARLY wasn’t ready for the demand.

        • Ryan Tervo

          Yeah exactly, which is what happened with Elite, Beachhead had no clue what they were doing or what they were getting themselves into. The biggest problem is the app contains what many see as an important part of the game they just paid for with no way to replace the activity in the game itself. I don’t disagree that perfection is impossible and there should be some leeway as they iron wrinkles out, but I expected a bit better from R* is all.

        • Jeremy Taco Patterson


        • goonie

          How does 2-3weeks sound now? Well we are almost at the marker. Safe to say it won’t be out by the end of the week so lets call it 2 now.

        • Jeremy Taco Patterson

          The iFruit app has been working perfectly for me for at least 10-12 days.

          No big deal.

  • danny

    All my chop stats reset every time I log back in

    • Jackie

      Mine too. Pretty sad. Have two people with accounts in house and it’s happening. With knowing they had so many pre orders, let alone everyone who’s bought it since, you think they’d be on top of it!