TGS 2013: Metal Gear Solid V gameplay

It is a known fact that the Metal Gear Solid V gameplay will offer some amazing AI, and we have now been treated to proof of this thanks to some great footage from TGS 2013. Hideo Kojima took to the stage during the event yesterday and showcased what can only be described as awesome footage of him playing his new baby.

The only issue we have with this 12-minute Metal Gear Solid V gameplay demo from Hideo Kojima is the fact there are no subtitles, and so we do not know what he is saying. However, this might not be an issue for some of you because you would rather the footage do the talking.

Before you worry about the poor Metal Gear Solid V graphics you have to remember this footage is on the PS3, and while it is still an awesome system, there is also going to be a PS4 and Xbox One version. We would have loved to see MGS V next-gen console footage instead.

From the moment Kojima begins one of the Metal Gear Solid V missions we have to watch in a dark room because the footage is a little on the dark side, and so any light makes it tough to see the footage.

We are sure the people in the EXPO had a great time with Kojima offering his commentary on his game, just wish we knew what he was saying because we are certain it was very insightful.



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