Samsung UNF6300 LED TV balances price and features

By Marlon Votta - Sep 19, 2013

When it comes to acquiring a new television set Samsung TVs are quite popular in my house with the last two sets purchased being midrange versions of their vast range. Generally, the reasonable pricing and the overall look has enticed me and since acquiring my latest model I have been looking for something bigger to make the most of my viewing.

Today we are looking at the Samsung UNF6300 LED TV which is available in sizes from 32 all the way up to 60 inches, and the video review above this post highlights the 55 inch version of this midrange TV that lasts around three minutes.

As far as value is concerned this is regarded as one of the least expensive sets to offer its full Smart TV suite and the presenter also discusses the overall design, which makes also makes this an attractive acquisition.

Overall, we get the impression the picture quality is not a good as some other midrange TVs, although the pricing could be attractive to many potential consumers, as the presenter gives us more insight into the pros and cons of this new TV.

Although this is regarded as a midrange series from Samsung, the UNF6300’s combination of high-end features and overall design could be just the ticket for some customers, and if my current set packs up this model is definitely one I would contemplate, so we would love to know what you think of the Samsung UNF6300 LED TV.

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