Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear price in India

By Peter Chubb - Sep 19, 2013

During Samsung’s IFA 2013 keynote we were treated to several new devices, one we knew for certain and the other more guesswork than anything. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Gear, and now some people have been able to get their hands on these two devices it was obvious they would share their experiences with the public.

In a 7-minute video we get to learn some of the features of these two new devices, but more importantly the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear price in India, which is RS. 63,588 and RS. 22,990 respectively.

These prices are high, but we are sure this will not put people off? If you are interested then the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear release date in India will be from September 25, with Indian carriers already taking pre-orders, just as they are throughout the world.

One issue has been pointed out in the video though, and that is an issue with one of the Note 3 features, as 4G is not something used in India as much yet, and so you will have to make do with 4G for now. However, all other features remain the same so we are sure the Indian market will love it.

In the latter part of the video we get a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy Gear, and we can’t help feel as though the plastic strap makes it feel more like a toy. However, the watch itself does have a premium feel and is fast and responsive.

Going back to those prices, in the US and the UK you are able to get a discount when you purchase them as a bundle, but there is no such Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Gear bundle in India.

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  • drcps

    Pls update your self before writing all this shitt
    price of galaxy note3 is 49990 and will be even less when it comes in retail market

  • Tyrone Carton

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price in India is 49900 and not what is on the site

    • sambhav

      with gear it is 72000