PES 2014 celebrations with Luis Suarez dive

We have shown you some new FIFA 14 celebrations that will be added to the game such as Gareth Bale’s heart and Daniel Sturridge’s dance. Now though, we switch our attention to PES 2014 as we’ve just had confirmation that Konami has put Luis Suarez’s amusing dive celebration into the game for players to enjoy.

If you followed Liverpool last season, you would have probably witnessed the hilarious moment when Luis Suarez performed a ‘fake’ dive right in front of then Everton manager David Moyes. This was due to Moyes complaining about Suarez’ apparent attempts to dive in the past and Suarez decided to answer this in the perfect way right on the touchline in front of Moyes.

We’re pleased to say that you can now experience the same joy and perform a classic dive move just like Suarez by picking up PES 2014. We’ve added a clip here to give you an exact idea of how it will look on the PES 2014 engine.

Whilst the dive celebration is obviously amazing, we’re a little disappointed to see that the facial quality of Luis Suarez could have been a little more accurate. We’ve heard throughout the Summer on how Konami have struggled to obtain licenses this year due to EA’s greed and the lack of official faces is just one issue that you’ll have to put up with if you choose PES over FIFA 14 this year.

Is it a bird, is it a plane?
Is it a bird, is it a plane?

Still though, it’s nice to see Konami making an effort to keep with the times and stay relevant – this celebration from last season is a good indication of this. Let us know your general impressions of PES 2014 after playing the demo and whether you are considering buying it over FIFA 14 or not.



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