New Pokemon X and Y gameplay teases fans

By Alan Ng - Sep 19, 2013

Are you counting down the days until the glorious and highly anticipated Pokemon X and Y launch? October 12 can’t come soon enough in our opinion, but to wet your appetite before the big event, Nintendo has released some further gameplay footage of the game in action.

Over the last few weeks we have seen a lot of Pokemon X and Y, after an initial barren spell. Most recently we had an influx of information come in relation to mega evolutions, with Pokemon fans now excited over the fact that Mewtwo will have two mega evolutions, but also the original Kanto starters will have mega evolutions as well.

This week, Nintendo offer two new glimpses of Pokemon X and Y in action. The first is a summary of the key features that you can expect to see in the game such as horde battles, sky battles, mega evolutions and so on.

The second trailer however, is a compilation of the main Pokemon X and Y commercials that have been released in Japan so far. We see another look at the mega evolutions of Pokemon such as Fennekin, Charizard and Blastoise, while there’s also another reminder of the somewhat questionable Pokemon Aime side-game that is thrown in on top – basically a tamagotchi-esque affair which allows you to take care of your Pokemon.

Don't mess with these guys

Don’t mess with these guys

You may have seen some of the gameplay featured in these clips before, but it’s certainly a nice collation from Nintendo on the mayhem that is expected to unfold on October 12. Watch both trailers here and let us know how important the game is to you.

Do you rank Pokemon X and Y higher than GTA V in terms of anticipation?

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  • Amber Hawkeye

    Whet* your appetite.

  • Mup

    Yes!! I don’t care about gta anymore, I got bored with it already. I want this game now!