LG 32LN5650 JAZZ LED TV specs close-up

By Marlon Votta - Sep 19, 2013

Those of you looking for a new television set may feel the choice out there is overwhelming, and this is where it is worth doing your homework and researching specific products that may suit your requirements. A visual review of the LG 32LN5650 JAZZ LED TV is an ideal way to see this product in action and find out more about the specifications involved.

Potential customers may find the brief video by iGyaan above this post is ideal to gain insight of everything that is involved. While the quick review only lasts around 3 minutes, the presenter talks fast and we feel it is probably worth watching twice considering he runs through this at a high tempo, which is not helped by his strong accent that is also hard to understand.

With that in mind, those of you who find this too hard to digest can head over to the official LG page, which highlights the full specs and details including the price set at around Rs.37000 and the availability.

Key features are discussed including the 2.2 speaker system, the twin subwoofer, mobile HD link, an IPS panel, along with other features like Smart energy saving and the motion Eco sensor. Are you impressed with the LG 32LN5650 JAZZ LED TV? Or were you looking for something at a lower price?

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