iTunes Radio problems with not showing

By Peter Chubb - Sep 19, 2013

With the release of iOS 7 yesterday it came as no surprise to us that one of the new features users would be looking forward to the most was iTunes Radio, we know we were. However, some of you have been getting in touch with us about some iTunes Radio problems, but it is not what it seems.

Some of the comments from our readers have been things like “iTunes Radio not showing in UK” and “iTunes Radio isn’t working for me”. Now some of you will be wondering why this is, and the reason is because while Apple made a huge deal with this new service during their recent keynote, they was a little quiet when it came to informing iOS users this feature was only specific to the US for now.

Many of our readers already knew this, but have since been asking “when will iTunes Radio be available in my country” but we don’t have an exact date for that. Apple does say iTunes Radio for the UK will be available in the autumn, but have yet to narrow down a specific date.

We have also noticed some people wondering why they cannot see iTunes Radio on iTunes, with many readers believing this is also specific to the US. However, this is not the case and all you need is iTunes 10.7 or later, although you would be better updating to the latest version, which is 11.1.

If you are in the US and are using iTunes Radio then please share your experiences with our readers.

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  • Kali

    I’m in the US and it disappeared the day after I downloaded the new software. Go to create a station from “create” and I just get a snippet of three songs and it can’t create a station. I have restarted my iPad, etc. with no luck.

  • Frosty

    I am from the UK and live in the UK, I have a UK and a US iTunes account.
    The UK iTunes account won’t let me use the iTunes Radio but when I switch to my US iTunes account it works… So I’m guessing this is why it won’t work on my UK account…
    So to the people in the UK who want this feature then get a US iTunes account and give the finger to Apple 🙂

  • bfebets

    Thanks for confirming that I’m not the only one. I understand that iTunes Radio is only available in the US for now. I’m in So. Cal. I have experienced this problem with it before but it always returned after a hard reboot. Not today??

  • Evan

    I downloaded ios7 right when it came out yesterday around noon my time. All was well and the download went smoothly. I was enjoying listeining to the itunes radio feature while at work. But, as soon as I got home and went to click the music icon on my home screen, I realized that the itunes radio had simply disappeared. Now the only 5. categories in my music folder are playlists, artist songs, albums and more. No itunes radio to be found. When i ask siri to play someones radio, she is unable to find it.
    I think something is most definetely wrong…. Glitch? My mistake??

    • David

      Yes, I’m having the exact same problem. I got out of my car this morning and listened to it on my walk in to the office, and later when I went to listen to it again, the option was gone. I thought it had something to do with not having a wifi connection, but that can’t be true since I listened to it while walking and connected to LTE.

      • Daniellesky

        I restarted my phone and it’s working again!

    • John

      I have the same issue, I can no longer see the icon in my music. I tried restarting the phone, clicked on the music icon and saw the i tunes radio icon for a split second then it disappeared! It won’t be long before apple realizes that this is a huge glitch and become yet another PR disaster like maps unless they come up with a tool to fix it fast!