GTA V The Manual joins iFruit on Android waiting list

By Alan Ng - Sep 19, 2013

Rockstar may have already released an official companion app to GTA V, but we’re here to tell you the fantastic news that another one is also available to download right now. Rockstar has unleashed the GTA V Manual – a 100 page A to Z for the game, giving you all the basic information that you require, right at the comfort of your fingertips.

Best of all, we can confirm that the Manual app is completely free to download – another stroke of genius by Rockstar when quite honestly, they could have charged $0.99 for it if they really wanted to and still people would buy it.

Unfortunately though, the only downside that we can see is that the GTA V Manual app is only available for iOS at the moment, no sign of an Android release just like iFruit. It is obviously a very frustrating time for those with Android phones, especially when some argue that Android is an easier platform to develop for compared to iOS.

The Manual will offer complimentary information such as an introduction to the game, as well as offering basic tips on control and navigation for the various vehicles that you’ll come across on your travels.

Rockstar can't do no wrong at the moment..

Rockstar can’t do no wrong at the moment..

It looks like the days of receiving paper manuals inside boxes are well and truly coming to an end, so it will be interesting to see if Rockstar kickstarts this trend via digital manuals.

A 100 page manual for free is a very generous side portion we feel, we just hope that Android users will be able to enjoy it soon as well. Let us know if you have already installed it on iOS and the frustrations that one platform is seemingly preferred over another.

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  • fielddb

    As of 2Q13 Android owns 79.3% of the global market. iOS owns 13.2% of the global market. Rockstar either knew that their servers couldn’t handle that many users, or that made mistake not going for a release for both at the same time.

  • daniel ramsay

    IOS has less than 1 quarter of the globle market!!!!

  • MikeK

    I have to admit I’m also frustrated this isn’t out on android yet, but I much prefer that as an outcome than delaying the game until iFruit was ready.

  • Christophlop

    If Rockstar doesnt get this out to android owners…so many people will be pissed, they would be false advertising whores because at that point we wouldnt be able to access chop as much as iphone holders and thats unfair, seeing as more people 3/4 people have android cause apple blows bananas.

  • Man-In-Black

    No, we cant let technology replace the good old paperback manual!

  • FrankieXYZ

    Quite fruity indeed!! Hope it’s released soon, so far I’m pretty pleased + impressed with Rockstar with this title, seems like they went all out.

    • gtalover

      some might say £170 million all out

  • qwerty

    It’s delayed for Android and Windows Phone because Rockstar is having a lot of problems with the iOS version. Can’t even login. Releasing the Android and WP versions now would just make matters worse. Hopefully it’s sorted this week

  • Damon Ryan

    Seems to me the ios v android thing is happening alot, my guess is that appleknow they r losing the mobile app market and so have probably invested money in this type of thing to promote themselves over the more and more popular and accessable android devset. One of apples marketing ploys is the reliability of their products v android and this seems another perfect way to tie into that mentality. I hopd the planned wait isn’t too long.

    • James

      Lmao, or they just went with the easier platform? I can’t see people buying a phone just for a single app.