Sony Tokyo Game Show live stream with press conference

We are just minutes away from Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference and you’ll be pleased to know that you can watch a live stream of the event. The show is about to start over in Japan and we could be seeing some brand new PS4 game announcements as well as some new highlights on what is coming next for the PS Vita in 2014.

It is still evening for most of you in the US, but those tuning in from the UK are probably starting to get a little tired now. Over here in Asia though, it is already morning and Sony are due to take to the stage at any minute to show the world one last look at the PS4 hardware and software before launching the console in November.

We’ve included the stream above, which will allow you to tune into IGN’s coverage of the event. This is a live YouTube video and you’ll be able to follow live updates from gamers using the comments feed on the right hand side of the page.

Expect to see games like Killzone Shadow Fall, Drive Club and Destiny, but we also hope that some surprises have been left for the show as well. We would love to see some Final Fantasy 15 footage, and also a live demo of PS Vita TV and how it interacts fully with the PS4 console.

Will we see some live Final Fantasy 15 gameplay?
Will we see some live Final Fantasy 15 gameplay?

At the moment there are almost 1000 viewers tuned into this stream, so we shouldn’t experience any problems involving lag. Let us know if you plan to tune into Tokyo Game Show live and what you are expecting Sony to show at the event.



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